Friday, April 22, 2016

Snail Mail


postcards to Mila, Max, and Bryce Eleanor
 (I made several copies of the
 steampunk mailman
and this one went to Max)

below--lines from poems sent to them.
Bryce Eleanor and Max got lines from Jack Prelusky
and Mila got a poem by Li Bai.


From Annie
Love the TAX on the front
(the "i" is folded to the back) Perfect for April!
Clever girl, that Annie!

From Mrs. Duffy at Letter Matters.
Her blog has so much to offer about correspondence;
especially interesting is a post about letter locking.

 This was one of those lovely, unexpected surprises!

 And she sent me a lovely, lovely poem by Pablo Neruda!
But here is the problem:  no return address.
I've written a return letter, but can't find an address.
Not on the envelope.  Not on the blog.
Anna, please send me your address!

And from Penne M.
April showers bring rainbows!
And don't we all love the flower stamps?
They are my favorites so far this year.
Thank you all for making my mailbox a happy place!

More Outgoing:

And to Penne M.

Another one went out to Mrs. Duffy, 
but I failed to take a picture!

It has been a good week for mail!  

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Write_On, Snail Mail, Mail Art,

 Still trying to keep up with the Write_On Campaign, but falling behind.

Incoming Mail:

from Penny Baugh 

LOVE this card!  Thanks, Penny!

and from Melody and Singapore!
Thank you!

Outgoing Mail:
To my brother, who loved his cowboy hat!

When I remember, I slip a poem in the envelope, but I have gotten in too big a hurry sometimes.  On the back of this one, I included a few lines from Wallace Stevens.

Friday, April 08, 2016

Meandering Thoughts

It may be another indication of climate change, but I saw my first Junebug several days ago. I've noticed in the past few years that the Junebugs were appearing in May, but April?  Early April?

Nevertheless, we are having some lovely days with cool mornings that warm up nicely.  Today's high is supposed to be 76, which is pretty seasonal--and much appreciated, as back in March we had several days in the mid-80's.  

The Farmers' Markets are gearing up around here, and I'm hoping to make a visit tomorrow. It isn't only for the fresh produce, but for the whole idea of visiting and looking and admiring.  

I'm looking forward to the Texas Ave. Makers Faire on April 16.  Another place to browse and see what wonderful items creative people have on display.

My brother is being inducted into the Louisiana High School Sports Hall of Fame on Tuesday.   He has had an outstanding record, and even a gym named after him.  We are very proud of Steve.  :)  

Another letter in the mail yesterday, and one ready to go out today.  Will share those later.

The postcard below went to Cheryl.
I took a pic of the steampunk mailman
I made several years ago, then added
"stuff" from PicMonkey.
This was mailed in March, 
but I forgot to post the pic.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Mail Art

I had a dream shortly before Mila was born.
In the dream, she was about 4 years old
and we were holding hands.
She called me Jenny Claire,
which is what my father often called me.
Now, Jenny Claire = grandmother
to all the grands.

To Mila
I tried fusing fabric to cardstock.
It worked well, and I'll experiment some more.

The Blessing by James Wright is one of my favorite poems.
Wright stops by the side of the road to admire some ponies.
I included only the last lovely lines on the postcard.

To Max
Bryce Eleanor's drawing of a cat.

Since the pc is a cat,
I turned to T.S. Eliot's
wonderful cat poems from
Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats.

A letter to a stranger,
left in the library.

Night Journey by Theodore Roethke
This poem is so evocative of what it used to feel
like when riding a train.

:) And I included some book recommendations
for people who love epistolary novels.
I wonder if a library patron or a library worker
found this letter to a stranger...

To Bryce Eleanor
The next day, I used a copy of the cat again.
This time I wrote on both sides of the card!

To Murph's Stamps
an order for more stamps!

So far I've mailed 7 postcards or letters.
Still thinking 30/30 is daunting.
Letter Writing Month excused Sundays
and holidays, but no such benefit for Write-On.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Snail Mail, National Letter Writing Month, and Write_On

OK--I know that I said I was happy that A Month of Letters was over.  And I was.  Then I saw Write_On's campaign for 30 Letters in 30 Days.  I had an entire month since A Month of Letters to write letters at my own pace.  So...maybe.  

I couldn't find anything about having to put the letters in the mail each day, only that the 30 letters be written.  So I could write a couple of letters or postcards and put them all in the mail at the same time.  I think.  I'm also assuming that postcards count.  If I do it, they will for me.  

Here's the thing, April is National Letter Writing Month, and I can set my own personal goals.

Check out Lindsay's blog,  she has some wonderful images
National Letter Writing Month!  I plan to use some of them!
So...whether or not I meet Write_On's goal of 30 letters or not (and I'm going to try), I have several ideas for letter writing this month.

*  I had printed a poem I thought a friend would like to send in my next letter.  Then I realized it was April and National Poetry Month!  So instead of waiting, I stuck the poem in an envelope with a short note and put in the mailbox.

*  Realizing that this serendipitous combination of celebratory months could work for me, I decided to send a poem (or lines from a poem) with every piece of correspondence this month.

 *  I'd love to attend one of Naomi's letter writing parties.  For goodness sakes, Melbourne even has a Snail Mail Social Club!   

*  Another idea is to write a few letters to strangers including a short poem and leave them in various places.  Maybe one in a library book, since I need to return my current bag of books....

*  The USPS has some great ideas and new stamps!

Outgoing Mail:

This went out on Thurs.

Below is my first April letter.
I had already sealed it when I thought 
about sending a poem,
but she will get a poem in the next one.

I decided not to save this poem for Penne's next letter,
and so it went out on April 1, too.
I taught this N. Scott Momaday poem years ago
and thought Penne would love it.

Go Postal!  Write someone a letter this month!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More Snail Mail


To Annie

To Mila, Bryce Eleanor, Max;
had to take these to the P.O.
to get them hand-canceled.
Too thick to go through the machine.


from Annie
Love the envelope made from a book page (?)


 Thank you pc from Chrystobal

I made the wolf mask for Bryce Eleanor last year.

I sent the postcard below to Chrystobal (see above) for her Mask mail art call.
B.E. wanted a nose, so added a peat pot for the pic.
I just looked through last year's photos
and made some alterations for the mail art call.

from Penne
with reference to the flooding :)

 from Connie

 love the stamp;
Hillary Long with skates on his head 
and hat on his feet  :)

from Cheryl in N.Y., N.Y
--a Happy Egg Day!--

I've been busy doing yard clean up.  Lots to do, especially after the hail storm last week.  Oh, and the fact that I really didn't clean up in the fall.  There was a time when I was all about gardening from sun up 'til sun down most of the year--with the exception of a few winter months.  Now, I'm really only much good in the spring.  The summer heat and humidity bother me, but part of the reason is that the soil in our previous home would grow anything. Here, too much clay, too many trees in a tiny yard, and then, of course, I'm lazier.

During the spring, my ambitions exceed my acknowledged lack of commitment.  I dream of the garden I used to have and give it another try, knowing that I'll be less inclined to work in the summer with temps that have been reaching into the 100's for months at a time for the last few years and the high humidity.

B.E. spent last Thursday night and Good Friday with us.  Saturday was the Memorial Service for my best friend's mother, and Easter Sunday included lunch with Chris, Amelia, and B.E.

Today, Suzie is coming over.  We'll have tabouli and wine and make something.  Hopefully, make something first, then the wine.  :0

I have letters to write and postcards to send, but I need some quiet time for that--maybe tonight I'll settle in to write.  

Hope everyone had a good Easter!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Quiet Please...

Don't you hate those days when the lists in your head start yelling at you?  


-clean out the refrigerator
-go to the grocery store
-make a list for the grocery store
-return books to the library
-find the list of books I want to check out
-clean the car
-clean the studio
-do the laundry
-groom the cats
-write a a bunch of book reviews
-make calls to...
-weed the flower beds
-balance the checkbook

I can't even set priorities because all of the things I NEED to are so frantically vying for attention.  I want all of them done, but I don't want to do them.

What I want to do is go up to the studio and play or sit in my chair and read or write letters.  Even my "WANT to do's" are difficult to prioritize.  :)

Will try to channel The Little Engine that Could and just get busy.  One thing at a time.  I think I can, I think I can...

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Snail Mail

Recent outgoing mail:

regular envelope but with lots of paint splashed on;
"geronimo!" because Mila loves Dr. Who

below--under paper was a pretty design on brown wrapping paper
that I wiped my brushes on and experimented with stamps--
then sewed into an envelope

to Rift

to Gina
various scraps of paper

a paper towel
I used to wipe brushes on, then drew flower--
great texture,
but hard to stick the stamp on :)

 under paper again,
then painted over

fabric I purchased last year in N.O.;
used fabric stiffener on it before sewing envelope

My new obsession is addictive.  Love making the envelopes and postcards and find it a great way to play and experiment.

Incoming mail:

Love the seal on the back of Mrs. Duffy's letter.

 The old ads on Connie's letter made me laugh.

from Penne--we've known each other most of our lives!

from Coralette--she makes her own stamps

two love postcards from Tricia
and the Goodreads pc exchange

 I really love getting mail.  My mailbox visits are a lot more fun.  :)