Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Leaf Stitching

More leaf stitching
while watching Billy Bob Thornton
and William Hurt
in the first season of Goliath.

magnolia leaf,
stitched and rolled

the vintage tatting thread was too stiff

Persian shield,
turned from lovely purple
to almost black

less than 2 inches
without the stem.

More experimenting with threads and yarn. 
 More leaves being pressed under stacks of books.  


Francoise mentioned Alice Fox 
in a comment on my last post,
and Fox's work is one of the inspirations 
for this new project.

Another is Suzanne Bauer,
who (who knows how)
manages to crochet on leaves!

also does beautiful work!

I would love to have some of the gorgeous fall leaves
in all of their glory,
but colors are still rare around here.

Each fall, the words from Shelley's 
echo in my thoughts--
especially his description 
of autumn leaves as
"yellow and black and pale and hectic red."


I'm also playing with birch bark.
Years ago, I stitched birch bark for postcards,
but I can't locate the pictures.

When I made Augustus, I used birch bark for his book. 

I machine stitched the birch bark and
added in hyacinth bean pods 
and faded day lily blooms.
Still holding up after 5 1/2 years,
although Augustus met some serious damage 
from the evil Triad of felines
and has gone to live with Amelia
to avoid the bad cats.

There is something soothing about working with natural materials.   

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Final Countdown to Halloween

I found this cartoon on Jackie Long's blog and had to smile!

Bryce Eleanor and Jonathan
proudly displaying their awards 
after the Academic Pep Rally.
I love B.E.'s new glasses.

Lately, I've been trying my hand at leaf stitching.
There are some beautiful examples across the blogosphere,
and I have been experimenting...

Such a fragile surface.
I'm learning, but it is a slow process.

I love the green circles on the leaf  on the left
and tried a cut out for the one on the right.
(punched out a star, then 
added it back on in another position).
This is all new to me and so a lot of trial and error.
Playing with different needles and threads and number of strands.

The cut outs on the hibiscus leaf below were already there--
something was chomping on it.
This one tore even more easily.
Each stitch tended to rip a little.
I gave up on it, but am keeping it to watch it continue to dry.

I have more leaves in progress 
and more being pressed beneath books.

Outgoing Mail

Using a pic of one of the La Calavera Catrina dolls 
I made last year and Picmonkey
I played with one to see what would happen.

The pic I used below was before I added the skull necklace, 
but Picmonkey let me alter and add elements--
the spooky sky, the red rose, the text.

Then I added it to an envelope.
To Prim Paws

the back--using one of Naomi's stickers.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October Musings

Until two weeks into October, I had not made a single Eccentric figure for Halloween.  In fact, I have not made any for nearly a year.  Then my daughter Erin began telling me about her plans for her Halloween party this year--the first in her new home.  She was so excited. Max and Mila have been involved in the planning and will be helping with all of the details.  

After I hung up from that conversation, I was excited, too, and decided to make her a Halloween something.  But what?  Something that I could finish and get in the mail.  

Eek is cloth and clay
and was a bit of a rush job.

The cloth body went pretty quickly:
choose fabrics, cut strips, sew together,
make a pattern, trace onto fabric strips,
sew, cut out, stuff, add clay for the face.

Then quite a few hours were spent watching Netflix
as I added French knots and beads and decided on  embellishments.
That is the fun part, slow, but fun.

Working on Eek took several days,
and I got behind on answering letters!

Incoming Mail

from Naomi in Australia--
an arabic aerogram!
 love Hannah's Grumpy Cat stamp!

Lisa at lil fish studios posted this leaf mandala a while back,
and I keep going back to look at it!
Isn't it gorgeous?
If I had done this,
I would frame it and hang it on the wall
so I could enjoy it daily.

I'm having one of those weeks where I want to make things,
but can't make up my mind what I want to do.
Too many ideas all of a sudden
and unable to decide.

What are you up to this October?

Thursday, October 13, 2016

October Mail Art and Tags

We never have as colorful a fall as parts of the country that get cooler weather, but this year has been a dismal failure.  After all the rain in March, we've had a dry year.  We've had no rain at all so far in October, and I can't remember when the last rain was in September.  The result--now that the leaves are beginning to fall, they are mostly brown and dry.  Disappointing.

Our temperatures are still in the mid to upper 80's, which is better than during the summer, but not exactly the chill we hope of autumn.  Today's forecast has a chance of rain, and I am keeping my fingers crossed.  :)

I was caught up my letter writing when I began this post, but a couple of letters have arrived since then!  I will post them later.

Last week,
I received this letter from Bryce Eleanor.
It was actually to Edgar Tiger Tail
from Prim Paws Chandler,
B.E.'s new kitten.

Outgoing Mail

 Letter to B.E.
Addressed to Prim Paws,
the new kitten.

Not a very good picture of this one.

postcard to Melody

More tags--
not sure why these are so much fun, 
but I made another a 6 x 6 collage,
then cut into different size tags.
These are the littles.

Do you ever feel like this?
That is me trying to understand my husband's reasoning.
Candidate for Comedy Wildlife Photography Award

Time to go play upstairs.  

Monday, October 03, 2016

More Halloween

Lucy does not appreciate the clutter...

I ordered (and love) this frame from The Button Box Primitives!

Incoming Mail 

 from Connie

 from Hannah

 from Jacque
from Melody
 from Penne


 and the first of the Halloween envelopes 

Now, I have more envelopes to make,
more letters to answer.

It's Fall, y'all!
The days are still warm,
but the mornings and evenings are cool.
Indian Summer. :)