Friday, June 24, 2016

Week in Review

I was afraid the Persian Shield would not root in water 
as rooting in sand was recommended.
But one of the cuttings has developed roots!
Each of the chocolate drop coleus cuttings has rooted, 
and rosemary, other coleus, and sweet potato vine.
But the Persian Shield has taken so long--
and still, only one has formed roots.
But this morning, that one is a celebrity at my house.

From Mrs. Duffy

From Melody
The postcard from Melody arrived the same day as her letter.

From Bryce Eleanor!

 I love all my mail, but my note from Bryce Eleanor was my favorite this week!  She was at camp and someone else addressed the envelope, but this letter will remain next to my heart! Of course, Edgar is doing fine.  :)


 Letters to Anna and to Bryce Eleanor 
had to go to the post office to be hand cancelled
because of inclusions.

And I forgot to take pictures of them!

I had my camera out, and still failed to take pics.
They went out in yesterday's mail.

More tea bag experiments.


Books I've enjoyed recently:  

Louise Penny's The Nature of the Beast, the latest in the Three Pines series which I love.

David Lagercrantz' The Girl in the Spiderweb.  I loved all of the Steig Larsson books, but I think Lagercrantz has done a fine job taking over the series.  

Reviews are on my other blog.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tea Party in a Box!

I was a little confused to find the little red box on the doorstep.  Had I forgotten an Etsy order?  Had my husband ordered something? was a tea party in a box!  From Anna at Billet Doux & Little Mercuries, and it was amazing!  How else to describe the contents--everything needed for a tea party to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday.  I'm still in awe at everything packed into this small box.

When I recovered, I threw a table cloth on the little outdoor table
 and began setting up.  

Love the teapot impression!
It was so hot!

My weather app said 90 with a heat index of 106 degrees!
Louisiana humidity can be brutal.

This is the kind of humidity that fogs your glasses
and the camera lens as soon as you step outside.

I ended up gathering things back up and coming inside.
 See the gorgeous cup and saucer and the cupcake picks!
 Teabags and sugar cubes.

Anna included this photo of her own tea party.  See the banner,
in my haste, I forgot to put my banner up.
Since there are 6 cups, 
I'm hoping everyone else was toasting the Queen
as I was and wishing her a very Happy Birthday.
Don't you love that tablecloth, the parasol, the lacy pillows!

I have a hard time imagining all the effort Anna went to for this tea party--so many details!  To make and package all the edibles, print the invitations, write the letters, make the little cupcake pics (oh, I love those little pics),  it seems overwhelming.  

My little cup is sitting in pride of place near the door and provides such a cheerful reminder of the best tea party I've ever attended.  It was a quiet tea party, but the voices in my head were plentiful and grateful.  Thank you, Anna!

It was a busy weekend: a glorious tea party, Father's Day, and a visit from my friend from New Orleans!  Oh, and a little rain that let all that humidity turn into something to feed the flowers.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


I was going to schedule this for Saturday, but...I'm posting it today instead.

Still playing with tea bags; experimenting with different techniques.  Different tea bags have different colorations and different folding methods.  Some are easy to open without tearing; some are not.  It doesn't make much difference as I don't mind the tears or ragged appearance of those that are more stubborn.

I'm almost through with the tea bags I'd been storing up.  The trip last week caused a quicker depletion than I expected since I wasn't drinking tea and saving the bags.  Should have started saving them earlier.  :)

Mail Art

from Jacque H.

 See what she included?
Beautiful lacy fabric, delightful items for decorating envelopes,
and cheerful stamps!

A vintage postcard from Naomi

A gorgeous shot of the lights 
along the Singapore River
from Melody.


To Jacque

 To Mila, and that is a pic of her on the tea bag.

To Max
 and another mini-collage on the back,a la Jackie Long

To StripyGoose,
a thank you for the pink-crested cello bird.

To Melody 

To Naomi

Some blogs that I've been enjoying, but haven't posted about:

Another 365 Days Around the Sun-- Cheryl marks her steps around New York City with photos.  This is a very personal NYC that brings it down to earth and makes it distinctive in a intimate way:  playgrounds, signs, trees in their spring glory, sidewalk art.  A New York in microcosm, making it feel familiar and unintimidating, another human space.  

Alisa Burke: Redefine Creativity-- This is my imaginary home.  My imaginary life.  Full of color and art and family.  Just reading her posts cheers up my day.  


Monday, June 13, 2016

Last week was a busy and tiring one.  A trip to Houston interrupted the week big time, and on returning home, I was too drained to return to my garden work.  

So...I started playing with the tea bags again.  Can't explain exactly why I'm drawn to them, and I don't know yet how I'll use them.  Some of the earlier ones I've added to postcards, but haven't decided what to do with these that I've embroidered.  Right now, they are washi-taped to journal pages.

Since I can't watch television without having something to do with my hands and I love Korean Drama, the tea bags were the answer to keeping my hands occupied while watching Neighborhood Hero.  

My husband doesn't see how I can watch, read subtitles, and embroider at the same time, but I'm not a perfectionist and don't concern myself with being neat or having anything in mind when I begin putting down stitches.  

Embroidery is my way of watching Netflix or Hulu or Drama Fever.  Remember all those dozens of fabric beads I embroidered?  They were so I could watch my shows!

Now, I'm going to figure out how to use the tea bags.
Maybe some collage....

Bryce Eleanor spent the night on June 4,
and made this postcard for her friend Ellie.

She left room for the address on the right,
and I'm sure the stamp at the bottom won't matter.
AJ is for Animal Jam.

Letter from Penne.
The letter came the day before we were leaving for Houston,
so I just put a postcard in the mail.
Jacki Long started putting little collages on the back of her postcards.
It inspired me to the same, especially when in a hurry.

 When we got back home, 
 I wrote the letter which went out in today's mail.
on the back

 from Connie

 She included some of her lovely hand-dyed fabrics 
and a lovely ATC!  Thanks, Connie!

This went out to her today.

I have several more replies to write
that I will share soon.

I LOVE this: