Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Marching On

I'm glad I participated in InCoWriMo this year, but I'm also glad to relax a little!  Still a couple of letters that have come in that need replies, but the pressure is off.  If I participate next year, I'll be better prepared; this year, everything was a scramble.  


The Silence is a layered story told in alternating timelines that unfold gradually. Slow paced and character driven, the 1967 backstory reveals the human flaws in two families, flaws that are exacerbated by the situations in which they find themselves.

Reviewed here.

An audiobook.

And of course, lots of mysteries, thrillers, etc.  I read every day; during breaks each day and for hours each night as I don't watch television.  Cathy reminded me of the film The Rabbit-Proof Fence, which also covers the policy of taking aboriginal children from their homes in Australia (like the way Indian children were taken here in America and placed in boarding schools).  I remember hearing about the film, but never watched it.  It is now on my list--either the book or the film.  

Have a good week!


  1. The postcard art is always amazing. so creative.

    1. Two of the postcards, one from the top image with rabbit and the negative space birds in the bottom image, are extra large postcards I ordered after falling in love with The Lost Words by Robert MacFarlane, illustrations by Jackie Morris. After reading the wonderful book of poems with the gorgeous illustrations, I ordered the postcards. The book was written about the nature words that had been dropped from the dictionary: acorn, fern, otter, dandelion, and many more. The book is a marvel of poetry and art.

  2. Love the paper shredder!

    I feel as though the last few years have been full of scrambles to catch up in spite of having loads of time because other stuff isn't happening...

    1. :) The paper shredder is exhausted! You are right, Rachel, there have been so many scrambles in the last few years. Sometimes having more time means a different kind of pressure. In a way, that exhausted kitten is a perfect analogy of being tired of dealing with both the trivial and the overwhelming complications life keeps throwing at us. Except the kitten looks so peaceful.


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