Friday, October 16, 2020


 Mid-October.  I've been playing with this embroidery for about a week as I watched some shows like New Tricks.  The basic shape is outlined in red, so there is quite a bit of time left on completing this slow stitch project I want to use on a large barrett.

The cosmos and lantana keep me in cheerful colors, 
and the coleus and purple sweet potato vines root in another jar,
 then get planted in pots that I hope will last a little longer as it gets cooler.

Incoming Mail

from Cate

From Teresa
I love the effect of the chalk pastels on black,

from Patty 
the gold sparkles all over, but doesn't show in the pic
I love shiny things. :)

from young Zoe
This is one of my favorite postcards ever!  
It arrived completely black with instructions from Zoe 
to use a toothpick to scratch a design!
An interactive postcard--creative and fun. :)



  1. That is quite an interesting barrette you are designing.
    I too like the chalk on the black. I haven’t done anything with chalk in a long time. (Too many supplies!)
    I could actually see the gold in Patty’s card after you mentioned it.
    How fun to scratch a design into your black mail. That was always a fun craft when we were young.
    Good creepy fun your Halloween cards and envelope are!

    1. The toothpick didn't work for the scratch off, it was difficult even when I used my letter opener, but it is still one of my favorite pieces of mail ever. I loved Zoe's instructions. :)

  2. The barrette is going to be a wonderful welter of pattern and texture, isn't it!

    1. I pick up whichever thread or floss and decide where I'm going with each stitch. :) It has been another one of those things I can do while watching a Netflix show. I don't need to thin while I'm stitching. It will be about 4 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide to cover the barrette I have in mind.

  3. Beautiful postcards. Your cat has a fun sense of humor. lol
    Your embroidery is intersting, lots of charm and uniqueness.

    1. Both of our cats are like that--if it gets the least bit stale they won't eat it. What they leave in the morning is not good after an hour. I try to never put too much in their bowls! At least they aren't like one of Amelia's cats, she has to pet it while it eats!

  4. Love your slow stitching piece! And, such wonderful mail art you received.

  5. Oh...I love the embroidery. And, the cards, especially the interactive one! Happy Halloween!


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