Monday, April 29, 2019

Painting Rocks, Making Dragons, and Other Stuff

Annie's last letter mentioned that she was painting some Kindness Rocks.  I remember reading about the project, and since I have a pile of rocks that need to be hauled off AND Bryce Eleanor was coming on Saturday, I washed some and brought them inside.  Would she be interested, I wondered, in painting some?  

We ended up painting several and distributed three around the neighborhood on a late evening walk.  The rest she has taken home to place in her neighborhood.  

But then she wanted to play with clay...

dragon in progress

Dragon is now wrapped securely in plastic wrap with misting to keep him moist.  Hopefully, she can finish him next weekend.

Outgoing Mail

:) I've already used one of the book page
cut outs Connie sent me on Annie's letter below.

Thanks, Annie, for a timely suggestion on Kindness Rocks!


  1. Love the look of this dragon!

  2. The dragon is looking wonderful! You may have already mentioned this before but where did you get your snail mail post stamp? So cute!

    1. After an online search, I found this one at The Stampin' Place. They have a lot of cute designs, but this is the only snail mail. The service was prompt, and I like the stamp!

  3. That is the cutest dragon! Also, I am that springchicken. *nods*

    1. This weekend, B.E. added wings! We baked him, and she took him home this time.

      Oh, yeah--both phrases are my typical response to situations!


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