Tuesday, May 21, 2019

This and That

To counteract the depressing news, I've been gardening and playing upstairs with collage and clay--trying to avoid the negative influence of this crazy world.

We've had a great deal of rain this spring, which has been wonderful for the garden (including weeds) and gives me time to rest and recover from all of the activity.   On sunny days, the constant bending, digging, planting, weeding makes me stiff and creaky, and I rest more often than I did when younger.  I walk out in the morning full of energy and vigor, and come back in depleted and decrepit.  Recover.  Start again.  Wait for a rainy day to play inside.

I don't mind the rain, but the continuous threats of severe weather are problematic.

I love the seeds from the various maples.

The garden is shaping up.
I have much work ahead on other areas, but this section is getting there,
and this is the area I see when I sit outside.

Playing with paper clay
I started these figures a week or so ago, 
and when it rains or is just too hot and humid,
I get out the paper clay.


A few favorites that I've finished and have scheduled reviews closer to release date:  
The Girl in Red by Christina Henry (fairy tale retelling & dystopian)
After the End by Clare Mackintosh (very different from previous books, but touching)
The Liberation of Paris by by Jean Edward Smith (nonfiction)

Fun fantasy authors:  Jeff Wheeler, Michael Sullivan, and Mary E. Pearson have great series that I devour greedily with each new installment.

Outgoing Mail

another little paper clip collage

Postcards to grands


  1. I'm about to go hide from the world in my embroidery - hayfever makes the garden an ineligible refuge!

    1. A good place to hide. At least, the pollen can't bother you there! :)

  2. Your yard is gorgeous! I can imagine how wonderful it must be to sit out there...especially after a long day of laboring over it.
    Your clay characters are a delight! You have a terrific talent for creating them.
    Your mail is always fun to see and get inspired by. LOL...love the postcard about the book arrival. Too funny and so true.

    1. I'm all about gardening until it gets too hot and humid, then I'm all about air conditioning! When a book arrives it is pretty much so long to boring chores and hello adventure!

  3. Your garden looks so lovely and inviting!

    1. Thanks! Hope all is well with you and your students!


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