Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Max Is Seven

We went to Baton Rouge on Saturday for Max's seventh birthday.
The party had to be early as the kids will be gone on July 22.

 Eric always makes the pinata.
 Lots of presents.
After the party, Erin, Brandon, and the kids joined us for dinner.

Tomorrow, Eric, Katarina, Max, and Mila leave for 3 weeks in France and Bulgaria.
Max and Mila will get a long visit with their paternal grandparents
and get to visit with their cousin Ella.


  1. Lovely time! These are the memories that children often remember forever and ever. Nothing better than sharing in a child's joy of feeling so truly special on their day of days!

  2. Hard to believe how quickly they grow up! It was a nice party, and Max had a great time.


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