Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Latest Eccentric: The Nosy Parker

I like this nosy old lady,
and love the British term "nosy parker" 
for a busybody or inquisitive person.

Another old escutcheon, this one with a key hole.

When we were in Baton Rouge, I found some more escutcheons, 
but they were expensive,
and I won't pay more than a few dollars for them.  

Architectural salvage has other uses than for my Eccentrics,
and I admit that if I were to need an escutcheon 
for restoration purposes, I'd be willing to pay more.

I did find a few things I might be able to use,
that fit in my parsimonious budget, 
but right now, I'm still working on the characters
started last week.

The studio MUST be straightened up.
Complete chaos in there makes
it difficult to find things I just put down.

When working on multiple pieces at once,
I pull out all kinds of fabric, embellishments,
found objects, flea market finds, etc.

Until I decide which way to go for each piece,
things are a total mess.

I dread going up there!
It takes so long to clean and straighten.
All I want to do is play.


  1. A nosy parker! I'd forgotten that term and always found it so hilariously charming! Very much like this lovely lady! I suspect she knows far more than she is sharing! So much better to be a nosy parker than a fly on the wall! Flies may see a lot with their multiple vision, but the nose of a nosy parker must surely scent out the very best stories!

  2. :) Yes, I imagine she can scent out the best stories. And I'm sure she keeps her ear to the ground!

  3. I never heard the term nosey parker-I bet she could tell some stories!!!

  4. I love your Nosey Parker. I can remember peeking through key holes when I was in old houses as a child!

  5. Sherri - Isn't "nosy parker" a great term? Yep, the little lady surely has stories to share!

    Teresa - Thanks! That is a phrase not used much any more..."looking through key holes." Modern locks are not nearly as interesting!

  6. Ohmygosh, that is perfect for her! I love it! Her head right through the keyhole is hilarious, isn't that what snoops would love to be able to do!? I thought of you while waiting in the Detroit airport Delta Sky Lounge on Wednesday for my connection to NY...there was a piece of art on display that looked very much like some of your eccentrics...nowhere near the personality of yours, of course, but they caught my eye and drew me over to take a look. I wished at the time that you had been there to see fun!

  7. Hey, You! So you are back in New York, eh? Pictures of the cottage coming soon? Have fun and be sure to post!


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