Saturday, July 13, 2013

I finished and mounted "Are We There Yet?"
Painted several canvases in bright colors,
then toned them down a bit.
I want bright on the cabin walls.

I also mounted a branch weaving.
The photos aren't very good.
Had to use a flash.
They actually look better than this.
Need to take more pictures--in natural light.

All four heads that were left over from last year are now in progress.
To have something to do while waiting for clay or paint to dry,
I've made new heads as well.

The studio has been a frenzy of activity:
trying for patina on a couple of things,
painting canvases,
working with clay,
pawing through drawers and containers,
assembling parts,
drilling holes,
using bee's wax on old rusted pieces,
staining and waxing old wooden tools.

Getting ready now to go to Baton Rouge.
Have to celebrate Max's birthday early,
as he and Mila will be in France for three weeks
for Eric and Katarina's wedding.

They will be able to visit with all of Eric's family,
as well as Katarina's.
They speak enough French now to make it more fun.

Eric's parents were here last year,
but intercontinental visits
are not frequent,
so twice in less than a year
is something to be appreciated.


  1. Love the weaving! You've inspired me to give it a try. Today I was burning branches (we live in a rural area) and saw lots of "Y"s. I picked the best three to try out later in the week. Thanks!!

  2. :) Hope you have as much as I did with the branch weaving, Marie!


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