Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Weave a Little Spell

The last two of the branch weavings.

Nancy asked about the warp and
 Stepanie asked about process. 
Instead of creating a process post,
here is a link to the tutorial that inspired me.
She does such a good job of show and tell!

Switching yarns on the weft and adding embellishments
is the playful part.

Are we there yet?

 I really want to mount this young fellow
on something that will give additional size,
but don't know what yet.

Right now he leans on a post on the patio.

I'm not sure something as rustic as the post 
is what I want.

Still need to seal the escutcheon,
and the boy could use another coat of sealer, too.
After that, he will have to wait
until I decide if he is finished and
 whether he will go directly on the cabin wall...
 or not.

Carla's Angel arrived!

She will also be finding a place in the cabin.

And Carla included this little travel companion.

Thanks so much, Carla!
I love them both!

I'm also thinking about hanging one 
of my small colorful quilts.


The cabin needs bright 
and cheerful
and funny
and odd.


  1. You've been busy! What fun visiting your house(es) would be :-)

  2. I'm taking it easy and playing with dolls. I did all the weavings a while back, nothing new on that score. As the heat settles back in, I'm dreaming of snow and fireplaces.

  3. Thank you for sharing the link. On my way to check it out now. Loving all your work, as usual!

  4. :) This is the site that inspired me to make my first branch weavings. Having the pics to go with the simple instructions made it easy!


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