Wednesday, June 24, 2020


We needed rain, and last night we got it by the buckets full.   Last night was a spectacular show of lightening amid the accompanying rumbling thunder, but this morning, all clear and a little cooler.  

crepe myrtle confetti in bucket

At certain times there will be a spate of new books in one genre.  Lately, fantasy series have been getting new installments, and I've caught up with The Black Witch Chronicles by Laurie Forest, a spin-off series from Juliet Marillier's Blackthorn and Grim trilogy about the warrior bards of Swan Island, and I am now reading the second book in the Rampart Trilogy by M.R. Carey.

Of course, I never neglect reading mysteries/thrillers, but I also enjoyed the memoir Becoming Duchess Goldblatt.  Love her twitter feed and her pungent tweets and comments:

"As a fictional utopia, Crooked Path doesn't have any police to defund.  Much like heaven, this town is run by librarians in sensible shoes who make house calls."

"You may think, as I do, often: the world is so big and broken, and I am so small and broken. Duct tape and Elmer’s glue, my friends. Stock up."

Her Grace is a pleasure and an inspiration.

I ordered some new size 10 envelopes which arrived yesterday, and I really like them.  I experimented with a collage on one yesterday and was pleased.  Today I'll write a letter so I can send it out into the world.

Yesterday, the following went out to family.

Outgoing Mail


Max always gets a pun :  

There was a baguette in a cage at the zoo.  The sign read:
Bread in Captivity.

I am really tired of wrestling with Edgrr for room in my chair.  Even worse--when he tramps all over the desk while I'm trying to type and trying to keep him from spilling my coffee at the same time. He's usually such a pleasant fellow and he has lovely purr,  I only need half the chair, but I am rather stringent about messing with my coffee.

I wish the cartoon had Edgrr's face.


  1. Edgrr photo is fantastic! Thank you for the book recommends

    1. Edgrr is a tabby, but the cartoon does hit on his combination of laid back/demanding personality. The tuxedo cat in the pic looks more like Stinker, but she is way too prim and proper to behave in such a manner. :)

  2. LOL! Edgrr is hilarious. Love the spelling of his name, too.

    I hate to say it, but I'm missing those wild summertime thunderstorms with all the lightning (but not the hail and tornado warnings). We get the occasional boom here, but it's pretty rare.

    Stay well. Be safe.

    1. Edgrr is a character. He has a certain bonhomie combined with a rather superior confidence in his charm. He loves people and believes they are there purely for his benefit, laps to be taken advantage of.

      I did enjoy the thunder storm! The lightening was truly something to behold. :) No hail and no tornado warnings to worry about, just the wind, rain, and light and sound effects.

  3. Jen, your collaged envelope is WONDERFUL! I love it. The rest of your mail is quite fun also. What a kick I’ve gotten out of the pun you sent to Max. LOL. Cats are boss. You pay if you don’t obey! At least that’s the way it is around here. Ha!

    1. Thanks, Annie! I thought I'd have trouble keeping up the puns, but I keep finding funny ones to add to my Max list. As for pay, if you don't obey--Edgrr nips my hand if I stop petting him--not particularly hard, but definitely a reminder. Stinker, on the other hand, ever-so-gently puts up a paw.

  4. After all the heat, I suspect the thunderstorm was welcome! I've now gone looking for Duchess Goldblatt on Twitter!

    1. The storm was welcome and amazing with the lightening display! Hope you enjoy the Duchess, Rachel!

  5. Your family is going to enjoy their letters, no doubt! Love the envelopes and all so different. We've had some rain too but luckily no crazy storms.


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