Monday, April 15, 2019

Mail, Craft, Books/Reading

Incoming Last Week

from Wanda
Love the Weather Report!
 and inside
from Jacque
along with cool postage stamps!
 from Dave & Patty

This was on the back
 and the card :)


to Penne (she would want to take all of her dogs)

Mila's was returned to me on Saturday, and I've added a "please deliver"
and an arrow to her name.  Also added another stamp just in case.
Max received his, but for some reason Mila's came back.

I've made some of these tiny little paper clip thingies before, 
but I saw a tutorial by Tracie Fox on Youtube and decided to make some more.
I liked that she added cheesecloth to hers.
They can clip additions to a letter, serve as a book mark, or 
separate sections in a journal or commonplace book.

A great way to use tiny scraps or stamps.  
These little collages are very small, about 1 1/2" wide.
cheesecloth adds texture to these

I'm not certain why these are so much fun,
but I find them addictive.
I've made 10-15 already. 

I finished Zora & Langston.  Both were interesting characters, and I didn't know that Zora Neale Hurston was an anthropologist who studied under Franz Boas.  The primary sources of the letters was especially interesting.

Eliot Pattison's series set in Tibet is excellent.  All of the books have great characterization and mysteries, but all are also a little bittersweet considering the brutal Chinese invasion in 1950 that has led to the deliberate destruction of culture and religion in Tibet.  Inspector Shan does what he can throughout the 10 books in the series to protect the people he has come to respect and care for.

Bones of the Earth  is the last installment of the series, and Pattison leaves Shan and the people he loves in a more hopeful situation.   I hate that the series has ended, but it is nice to see Shan in a better situation.



Good to hear from you!