Friday, December 07, 2018

Rainy Friday

Incoming Mail

from Hannah
 from Connie (somehow I missed posting this last month,
but I love those cats)
 postcard from Christine

I've been a little frazzled lately.  Too many ideas and plans and projects started and not finished.  I'm completely disorganized and paying for it. 

As I type, I'm having to sit on the edge of the chair because Edgrrr is crowding me.  When he couldn't get in my lap, he decided to get behind me push me out.  He's warm, but annoying.  

He won possession of the chair, and after having his picture taken and making sure I wasn't planning to sit down again, he left, a master at the power play.  I waited and came back when he was comfortably settled the game continues.

Need a Christmas gift?  

While reading about Postmark 1206's monthly subscriptions for Riddle Me Mail, I began thinking about people who are ill, or elderly, or isolated in any way and what a wonderful gift this would be.  Kids in hospitals, someone in a senior care center, the person who has no immediate relatives, or someone who is confined to their home for whatever reason.

Anyone might enjoy the monthly postcards and letters, but for someone who is isolated, it would be an enormously thoughtful gift.  Do you wonder what to get for that great-aunt or uncle, the person who is simply impossible to buy for, the relative who lives too far away for frequent visits, the teenager who has everything but has never experienced the pleasure of a personal letter?    Twice monthly mail would be something to look forward to.  

Yep, after writing all of this, I took the plunge and got myself a 3 month subscription even though I do get letters.  It is a gift to myself, and I'm looking forward to my first postcard and letter in January.  :) I also expect to get some great ideas for writing my own letters, which is important because sometimes sitting with pen in hand and a blank page is frustrating.  It will be nice to have something special light up the first month in the year.  A delayed gift that will come each month through February.  Riddle Me Mail, check it out.

Beautiful Letter Boxes in this article.  And more here.

And a couple more gorgeous examples from Decopix, an art deco architecture site.

Books/Reading  -- Just finished The Plotters by Un-Su Kim and Who Slays the Wicked, the latest Sebastian St. Cyr historical mystery, by C.S. Harris.  :)

OK, time to get upstairs and play for a while.   Have to unseat Edgrr, who has found his way back into my lap.  He will follow me upstairs and wait by the door on the top step.  I don't let him in (if I can help it) because then he tries to take over my yoga mat or get into my crafting supplies.  

How is your Christmas season going?  Do you send Christmas cards?    I'd love to place my letters in one of the above letter boxes.


  1. Love those deco panels! I've got the overseas cards done...

    1. Aren't they all gorgeous receptacles for mail? It is a shame that the kind of artistry for utilitarian items is no longer a practice, but at least we have remnants from an earlier time to remind us that beauty and usefulness can combine.

  2. Thanks for the link to Riddle Me. I'm thinking it will be a great gift for my great grandson once they settle out west. Those letter boxes are wonderful. One can only hope that they are rescued from old buildings when they are torn down. I think no one thought about the value of such things years ago, but now there are those that see their $$ value, but better are those that see their historical significance. Your kitty comments made me smile. Our dog Harley stands on Terry's recliner seat until just when Terry's backside will land then quickly lays on the arm. It's their private game. Animals are so amusing. I often wonder if they are amused by us too.
    xx, Carol

    1. I love the look of those letter boxes, and I'm sure they would be rescued if a building were to be torn down. Historical and artistic value in each one! I'm not sure if our animals are amused or puzzled by our behavior, but they are pretty smart about getting their way. :)

  3. I am not sure if I will remember next time how I accessed your blog so I could comment, but I made it. Back in the days of transistor radios we had “pen pals.” We didn’t have text or email, and long-distance phone calls were very expensive. So we wrote letters. Sometimes to strangers or servicemen. My sister, who is nearing 81, is lost on technology and has no interest, even though it would make her life easier in many ways. She still exchanges letters with friends and colleagues from her days a a high school principaland still does a a Christmas newsletter.

    I stopped sending Christmas cards and newsletters a couple of years ago. I keep up with friends and family electronically, in the moment. I did not put up a tree this year, either.

    I think Edgar is messing with you. He knows it’s his chair, he wants to make sure you do, too. Merry Christmas!

    1. Annie has had trouble being "recognized" here as well. She now sends me emails since she can't comment. I wish I knew what happened that suddenly some people are unable to comment while others can. Thanks for the email, and I'm glad you found a way to get finally get through, Rian!

  4. My grandma felt it was her mission to send letters to people, so I guess I have taken up her example. I remember pen pals too-I loved it. Your kitty is very handsome!

    1. I love reading letters from family members who have made a point of preserving letters. Although the quick and easy ways available for communication today are wonderful, they are also transient. We get much more insight from a saved letter, and I especially like reading letters from authors and/or soldiers that become personal and historical records of lives and times. :)

  5. Great post, Jenclair. I love those postboxes! Well, actually, love it all. Your gift idea really has me thinking of people who would appreciate something different and lasting. How fun!
    My pen pal was from NJ. Getting her mail was the highlight of many days especially when she'd write about her life in the city. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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