Saturday, September 02, 2017

Mail and Stuff

Catching up on some snail mail from the end of August.

Annie's lovely envelopes from calendars and children's books always make me smile.

From another Annie (Freezeframe), this wonderful
postcard featuring an old library card!
How many times did I read Little Women when I was a kid?
From Melody in Singapore,
my bookish partner in crime.

I have followed Steve McCurry's blog for several years.
His photographs are always inspiring and topically themed.
Recent themes:  Wanderlust, The Power of Solitude, 
The Art of Conversation, Courage, Friendship, etc.

To conclude August, the theme was The Power of Play,
and his images (as always) are powerful.
Steve McCurry's Blog
He includes appropriate quotes, and when I saw one by Diane Ackerman,
one of my favorite authors--I especially love her nature essays--
I decided to include it here:

"Play is our brain's favorite way of learning." 
--Diane Ackerman.

One way I play is with needle and thread.

Ugh, the color in these two.

I play in other ways as well, sometimes physically active like with yoga or walking or gardening, and sometimes in less active, messy ways--like making paper or playing with paints.  Is reading play?  It is certainly entertaining and often educational. Play can be challenging or soothing or both.  :)

What are your favorite ways to play?  What childhood play do you miss?


  1. Goodness, yes, I remember Little Women - and all three sequels!
    Yes, reading can count as play, if it immerses you in a wonderful imaginative world unlike our own....

    1. My favorite was Little Men--after Jo was grown and married, but I loved them all. :)

  2. Definitely reading was my favorite play. While reading I'd play for days imagining myself in the book's world. There I was the heroine and could, of course, prevent the conflict from happening or at least "fix" it. With finesse. I was also the opposite of the real life me--graceful, knowledgable, a little sassy, always prepared, and so on.

    And then there were mudpies :)

    1. The reader in us is always more graceful and courageous! I love that you could "fix" the situations with finesse, no less. :) And yes, mudpies and forts and other imaginative play are all important!

  3. I miss playing outside in the SW Virginia summers as the sun set, the temperatures dropped, the lightning bugs began to flicker, and my sisters and cousins, plus a few neighborhood kids, played Hide and Seek across four backyards while the adults sat on my grandmother's patio and visited. (I don't miss juggling since I cannot do it despite all Ricky's attempts to teach me!)

    1. :) I remember those kinds of late afternoons and early evenings, too. It really was a time of living in the moment, wasn't it? One juggler in the family is enough, so don't worry Teresa!


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