Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mid-September Already!

For the last several days, I've been creating new envelopes--some of them are anticipating October and Halloween.    Painting and collage are messy pastimes, and my hands are frequently covered in paint, ink, and glue.  The studio is a disaster, and each time I make an effort to clean and straighten something turns up to distract me (ooh, I found an image, a favorite quote, a tag, what if I cut out this, don't I have ____ SoMeWheRe?).  Still, slowly, but surely, I'm replenishing my supply of envelopes.  

Incoming Mail:

My grands were here when this one arrived,
and they loved it!

Even the back is wonderful :)

I love this stamp on Cheryl's postcard!
and I think I will!  Read more books, that is.

Outgoing Mail:
 Sticker on the back is from Naomi Bulger  :)

and the backs--
so you can see the return address labels 
Naomi sent in her Snail Mail Kit!


  1. What delightful and inspiring mail, Jen! It makes me wish I could keep up with myself and EVERYTHING that I want to do and all right now. LoL

    1. Thanks, Annie! I can't keep up with everything I want to do, either. Very frustrating, because as much as I want to do the laundry and mop the floors--I just can't manage. :)

  2. I love to look at the mail art you send and receive. I wish art came easy to me.
    xx, Carol

    1. I just slap on paint, use a gelli plate, use rubber stamps,or cut and paste. Some people, like Naomi and Limner, are real artists, but I have fun with my versions. :)

  3. These are intriguing as usual. Glad you are having an enjoyable end to the summer--at the camp, with the grandkids and other relatives--even if some of the visit was the result of the BR floods. Will you bring out your Eccentrics for Halloween this year? That's another treat for the eyes. Patty & Dave coming into town next month sometime--his 50th high school reunion.

    1. Thanks, Teresa! Yep, the Eccentrics will come out again this year, but oddly, I have not made a Halloween figure yet this year. I'd love to see Patty & Dave--it has been a while!

  4. Oh my goodness! Birds on a wire is adorable. I love it.
    Some people are so creative, I'll bet it's hard for them to sleep as these wonderful images that come to them surely cannot be turned off!

  5. What fun - a very cheering postbox!


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