Sunday, September 18, 2016

Books, Mail Art, Stamps

Intasar Khanani is one of my favorite
YA fantasy authors.
She is giving away five sets of
 Thorn (a retelling of the Goose Girl) and Sunbolt
 --two YA fantasies that I loved.

I reviewed them on my book blog
here and here.
If you are a high school librarian,
check out Intasar's Library Love Give Away 
and maybe 
you will win one of the five sets for your students.  :)

In the Studio

Folded a tag to make a pocket.
I'm not sure where I saw this idea,
but pockets are always fun!

I ordered some tiny new rubber stamps 
and tried them out on scrap paper,
brown paper, and on tissue from an
old pattern that I've been using in collage.

The tiny card with the bones was 
 in my Halloween stash.
(I cut it from some packaging that I saved--
sometimes the packaging is as wonderful as the contents.)

It was a tight squeeze, 
but the card and stamps fit right in the pocket.

 Bits of painted water color paper--
I made several of these a while back
and should make some more
because all of these tiny things are fun!

I'm adding tea bags to tags, post cards, and envelopes. 
--tea bag house--
I ended up liking this side better 

I placed a feather in a tea bag,
then added it to a grungy tag
I'm busy making more tags and some 
Halloween mail arty stuff.
Because it's fun.  :)

Outgoing Mail

to Cheryl in NYC

to Mila--another tea bag added to a postcard
 to Max
 to Bryce Eleanor
The cat images on B.E.s card above are from TomCattCreations,
 and I'm having fun with them.
Stamped on some dictionary pages
and glued them to the card.

Included with my stamps was a cool Halloween tag and 
a paper bag with stamped images that I will cut up and use for collage!
I LOVE lagniappe.


  1. You've been having great fun, haven't you!

  2. So much fun you've been having! Your mail art always pokes at me saying get off this computer and go play! My story books never tell me to close them and go play. So, how to spread ones self very thin?????? LoL. Love your mail art so much!

    1. Thanks, Annie! I wish my mail art looked as "finished" as yours does. I love your new Halloween postcard. :)

  3. I love them bones! ;-) And the pocket idea is just great. I'd like to try it as a gift enclosure for one of my youngest nieces. She'll love it. Wracking my brain for something to slip inside. Maybe a short bedtime story on her birthday?
    Could you please re-check the link to Carolyn's stamps? When I click on it, it takes me to the library giveaway.

    1. I just corrected the link--thanks for letting me know Gail! My pocket tag is too small to hold anything but tiny stuff, but it could be made larger and would be a great way to include a small gift card or a bedtime story. Good idea!

  4. I LOVE your art-so much fun to look at!!

    1. I'm reverting to my childhood self. :) Give me paint and scissors and paste and I can entertain myself for hours!

  5. Thanks to your inspiration....
    I found a bedtime story for 0-3 year olds here called A House for a Mouse:
    I didn't want to use their graphics but for the most part was able to use copies of the current "PETS" US postage stamps (a puppy, a parrot, and a gold fish). A found a beautiful little house in watercolors from a postcard I had. Oh, and a bookshelf from a card named "Bell, Book and Candle". then, lastly a copy of a little white mouse sticker I had. I printed everything so it could be a vertical folding book.

    After that, I set about to making a pouch for the bedtime storybook. Tied it all off with a white sheer ribbon and a "B" tile for a necklace or whatever she (or her mom) wants to use it for. Maybe attached to a zipper pull on her jacket?

    Anyway, I had more fun creating that birthday gift. A three year old already has far too many toys and the story is easy enough that her 10 year old sister can read it to her too. ;-) And the little pouch is like a secret compartment for the tiny, folded bedtime story.

    Thanks again for this wonderful creative blog.

    1. Yes! I have those stamps and they would be perfect. I love the way you have described this, Gail. This should be a gift your niece will enjoy now and treasure when she is older. I wish I could see it!

  6. All of these are so clever and unique. Words fail me. Love to be a voyeur just looking at your efforts.

    1. :) You are always so sweet! I hope your knee is continuing to heal, and I'm glad you have a professional caretaker in Ricky!

  7. FABULOUS!!! I could look at this post all day and see something new each time. It makes me want to save my tea bags *smile*!!

    1. Thanks, Penny, I've had fun with the tea bags. :)

  8. Your art is always so colourful and fun. I need to get my stamps out and play too.

    1. Thanks, Anna! When I get upstairs, it is like being back in kindergarten. :)

  9. Oh what fun, Jenclair! I love it all! Our younger grands have several small stamps which we play with. They have such fun writing stories using the stamps in their artwork. At five and six they can write the words themselves which makes playing with all three of them much easier.

    Thanks so much for the link to the Library Love Give Away. I'm headed there now! :-)

    1. I can't think of much better than littles writing stories! I'm sure using the stamps to help illustrate is an added pleasure for them. The Brontes started young... :)


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