Saturday, August 03, 2013

And Now It Is August!

Time does fly!

On the July 4th weekend, 
Fee suggested we take Bryce Eleanor to the races.
She is horse crazy.
Note Butterscotch,
dressed in her pink finery below.

 She loved watching the horses before the race
and paid closer attention to the details than we realized.
 Butterscotch a little heavy,
and Fee had to help out.

 Yep, that's me,
beer in hand.
Thank you, Fee.

I've continued working on
my Eccentric dolls.
More found objects included, of course.
Still figuring the ones in progress out.
Trying to decide where to go.

Here is Impresario, 
finished and mounted on small canvas.


  1. Little girls and horses...we went through that :-) Love your new piece...I think of you so often when I am in antique shops and run across wonderful old hinges, keyholes, brackets, all that great metal stuff...I had one in my hand yesterday, in fact, turning it over and all around just imagining what JenClair would do with it!

  2. Oh my you must have gotten hot out there! I'm sticking close to the a/c these days. The heat gives me such headaches. Your newest eccentric has great character. I imagine him as the gatekeeper in Macbeth.

  3. Debby - It is true, isn't it? Most little girls go through this stage. Oh, yes, I love haunting a flea market or an antique shop for possibilities! :)

    Mary - Oh, we didn't stay long. Just let B.E. get her fill of horses. And Mary, if only the Impresario could be as funnily crude as the gatekeeper!

  4. Love your red shoes! You might find that Bryce Eleanor is a good handicapper, too.

  5. Thanks, Rian, they are comfortable shoes, but I particularly love the color.

    B.E.'s pick is always the winner. She doesn't decide until they cross the finish line!


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