Friday, January 18, 2013

Tried and True - Mayonnaise as Furniture Polish

Most of you are probably
familiar with using mayonnaise
for those awful water rings on wood furniture.

During a recent rain, 
a wet newspaper was plopped 
on our dining room table.
And left for a while.
Not a good idea.

So out came the miracle condiment.
I had two  bottles in the fridge.
Another case of duplication.
The area was so large that I ended up
spreading the mayonnaise over about 
half the table; rubbed it in and left it 
for about 10 minutes.

The area cleaned with commercial product 
vs mayonnaise  area--
No comparison.
Spread miracle mayo over the entire table.
Buffed with a clean cloth and marveled.
Now it isn't as glossy, but looks great. 

What next?
Tried it on the old wooden trunk.

The difference is obvious.
Look how try the untreated section is.

Buffing it out with a soft cloth
 took off excessive shine, 
but none of the revitalized appearance!
Days later, it still has a soft, mellow look.
When I'd clean/polish with lemon oil, 
Endust, or Pledge,
it looked dry again within a day.

Looked around for something else to try.

No more Pledge or Endust or Lemon Oil for me.  

Added benefits:
All it takes is a buffing every once in a while
to make it look like new,
it doesn't have the oily or waxy look
that other products have left.

The smell is minimal and quickly disappears,
but I may add some essential oil next time.
Have to label this mayo jar:
For Cleaning Only.

Used it to clean/polish
my wood kitchen cabinets.

And it makes a great moisturizer
for your hands!

Update 2:
After a few days, I tried Pledge on the table, 
just to see the difference.
Hated it.
Cleaned it off with a mild vinegar/water solution,
and used the mayo again,
 but this time with
lemon eucalyptus essential oil mixed in.
This really is my new furniture polish.

Has anyone else tried mayo 
(not Miracle Whip),
as a polish?
I've known about its use
 on water marks forever,
but never considered using it for more.

A little goes a long way,
but when I finish with this bottle,
I'll buy a cheap mayo for polish...
one in a squeeze bottle.


  1. Bloody hell! gonna try it on me wrinkles..............

  2. Wow! Great info -- wish I still had some fine wood furniture to use mayo on!

  3. I have heard of this trick before, but I have never tried it. Thanks for the information!

  4. Liniecat - Even if it doesn't work on wrinkles, it would probably be a delectable facial condiment!

    Connie -- It works great on hand-me-downs and flea market bargains...which is all I have and maybe more in need as a result!

    Stephie - Makes you look at the contents of the fridge with new appreciation. :)

  5. We used to use mayo for polishing our plants' leaves.

  6. I've not tried it either, but that's mostly because I don't like cleaning anything. Maybe I'll give it a seem to have really gotten into the polishing just to see how well it works, although it's much more likely that I'll walk away after only one or two pieces are done. I won't need to clean the entire house to consider it a success. For me, one clean item is a success!

  7. Rian - I've heard of that trick before...probably adds nutrients as well as shine!

    Mary - This behavior is so off the mark for me that Fee is beginning believe I've become a Stepford wife!

  8. I have heard mayo is great to get rid of the water marks. You have me sold on that!!

  9. Wow! I'm breaking out the mayo! Thanks Jenclair :-)

  10. Sherri & Valerie - Hope it works as well for you!

  11. I used mayo this past weekend. It worked on ALL my wood furniture. Some of it had previously looked as it it might need refinishing. Not now! My son and husband kept saying the living room smelled like a sandwich....they were just picking on me!
    I have asthma and will probably never go back to the "chemical" cleaners.
    Love it!!


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