Thursday, January 17, 2013

Still Here

I've not been blogging as much lately
because I'm still engaged in a cleaning
and organizing process.
(Have to admit, this is the longest
C & O binge I've ever managed.)

Fee calls it a compulsion.
And it really has been.
I'm almost embarrassed to admit how 
much time I've spent lately in this process.

For example, in the kitchen, 
I've emptied every cabinet, purged & discarded,
cleaned shelves, and washed every item
to be replaced.
The same with every drawer.
And the pantry.

I usually quit after a couple of drawers,
but have compulsively continued.

Two Possible Reasons:
1) I can't quite get back into crafting and
creating at the moment, so I have
extra time on my hands.

2) If cleaning is a compulsion, then my 
recent fascination with cleaning tips
on Pinterest and elsewhere has
become an obsession.

No one is more surprised
about this new version of me, than me.
Well, my husband may be more surprised.

I have put out a few Valentine decorations.

Added a lavender scented
sachet heart
to the Victorian baby shoes.

And I'm reading, of course.
In between cleaning out cabinets, etc.

Recent books that I've enjoyed,
but haven't reviewed yet:

The Thief of Auschwitz by Jon Clinch
The Twelve by Justin Cronin
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater.

I'm almost through reviewing books
from last year on my book blog.
Soon, I'll be able to review my
more recent reads.


  1. Bravo! I wish I had your energy. I've cleaned half the kitchen cabinets then decided it was enough. I'm reading Murakami's Kafka, did you read it?
    Love your Valentine decorations.
    Have a great day.

  2. Glad to hear from you. Re: ubercleaning, if it feels right, do it. It may never, again. It does feel spectacularly good to have every last thing clean -- I did that same depth of cleaning in November 2011 -- but within a week, the dust starts to settle again and the general luster wears off too quickly for the energy expended more often than, say, every few years?

  3. Well, if the compulsion continues, and you run out of places, shall I send you my address?! lol
    It's a good way to expend some energy, and isn't it a nice feeling knowing everything is clean and tidy?
    Love the valentine pillows!

  4. You wore me out just reading what your up to!
    But maybe doing this much now, gives you the rest of year off tidying???

  5. I wish I had some of your energy! I agree....cherish it. It may never return, this compulsion! ;-)

  6. Feels good to get organized, doesn't it? I read a book a long time ago about Space-Clearing (feng shui). Can't remember the author, but the upshot was that once you clear out a cabinet, you become energized to clean out another one. And another one...

  7. Francoise - I'm definitely slowing down, but I've completed the major projects, so I'm pretty pleased with the results of my labor.

    Haven't read Murakami's Kafka, but will have to look into it. Read his 1Q84 last year with a mixed reaction.

    Connie Rose - :) I know exactly what you mean! After putting so much effort, things should stay clean and neat! But they don't, and enthusiasm wanes.

    Suz - I still have some areas on my list, but they aren't as challenging as the kitchen/pantry area. I'm already losing a bit of interest, but trying to continue!

    Liniecat - I'm sorry to say that you are right--I probably will take the rest of the year off!

    Stephie - Trying to make the most of it while it lasts!

    Rian - Exactly! It is if cleaning one cabinet would be wasted if I didn't continue!


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