Thursday, November 29, 2012

Let it snow...

I started the snowman a while back
(before life became so fraught with activities)
and have finally finished him.

I drew a simple shape on muslin,
and stitched it up.  I was not precise
or careful with this.

Buttons for eyes, and stitchery 
for nose and mouth.
Painted some wooden beads with
snowman faces, glittered them,
then strung them on wire for
the snowman to hold with his twig hands.

His hat is from left-over pieces
from making sock dolls 
a couple of years ago.

I made this one for 
Bryce Eleanor's birthday in 2008,
but couldn't use buttons
 because she was too small.
 I love these socks and enjoyed
 making various sock 
and glove dolls and monsters.

Think I'll check on some
children's Christmas socks
next trip to Target.
I've had fun playing with PicMonkey lately.
Love the snow effect!
No, Stephie, we don't have snow.
The reality is kept at bay by pretense.
We fake our snow in all kinds of ways 
and ignore the fact that 
coleus and sweet potato vines 
are still prospering in late November.

I continue to work on Christmas,
but slowly.
Right now, I'm knee deep in 
Love this stuff, I'm very susceptible
to bright and shiny things,
especially if I can do it myself.

Playing with glitter is much better
than buying pre-glittered
because it is so much fun!

What I should be doing,
among other things,
is finishing up my decorating,
instead of playing in the studio.

With Glitter.
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  1. BE's joy doll is so sweet. I saw kids socks in the dollar section of Target yesterday...good luck!

  2. love the festive bodies!! and what fun music too lol

  3. Nancy - I made BE's sock doll and two monster dolls (from gloves) for toddler twins that year. May be time for more if I can find socks or gloves I like!

    Liniecat - Thanks! Fun and easy, too! Love quick projects!

  4. Great stuff! Love what you're doing with glitter, and the Joy sock doll is very precious.

  5. awww, cute!
    if it sparkles, I'm in!

  6. Connie - Glitter can transform almost anything! Thanks, Connie, I loved finding those little socks with JOY on them.

    Suz - :) I'm with you on the sparkles! Give a girl a little glitter...and she's occupied for hours!

  7. Haha! Love that you gave me a jab! I love those dolls you are making out of the cute knee socks. How clever!

  8. Love the snowmen! And the sock dolls are so much fun.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. Stephie - :) We are really good at pretending that the weather is more to our liking!
    How about in your Yankee state? Any snow for you yet?

    Francoise - Thanks! They really are fun to make.

    Carlene - Thank you, and thanks for stopping by!

  10. I love this little primitive snowman! The fact that he is not perfect makes him all the better. The little joy doll is so sweet also. I have fun with picmonkey even though we do get snow. Unusually warm now. No complaints, but I'd like some of the white stuff for Christmas. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup. I will be featuring you tomorrow.


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