Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Prayer Flags in the Garden

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time sweeping the path, cleaning up leaves, pulling weeds, and trimming up the Confederate jasmine on the arbor.  It was such a nice day for that kind of work, especially in the morning.
Then I went upstairs and gathered the prayer flags, took them out, and strung them up.  After I had them hung, I realized there were two more that I'd finished and left upstairs, and one more in progress--I'll have to add them later.  Right now, though, there are 17 prayer flags offering prayers and good intentions to the breeze and 3 more to be included!

Here is a review of some of them a little closer.

In the afternoon, I went to a little nursery in Benton and bought some plants including two butterfly plants (milkweed) to go with my butterfly bush, 3 more basils, parsley, dill, begonias, sweet potato vine, verbena, etc.

Today, I have to get busy and get them in the ground.

I bid on two quilts for the AAQI auction, lost one (Michele's) but won the other.  So here is a pic of  Moonbeam by Cheryl Jordan of Corvallis, OR.   I love it!

 Materials/Techniques: Design created using discharge paste; outline quilted with metallic thread and beaded.

Cheryl's quilt was made in memory of her father, who suffered from AD.

Aside from the fact that I'm contributing to AD research by buying these quilts, I'm accumulating them for another purpose, too.

AND I'm finally working on another quilt to donate.  I have 2 that never got mailed and want to finish the work in progress and make one more before registering them.

I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading...being away means getting way behind!


  1. Every prayer flag is unique but together they are quite coordinated. Really lovely!

  2. Your prayer flags look fabulous along the fence! And I love that quilt you won at auction -- reminiscent of some of my own work. Love discharge quilts!

  3. I love seeing your prayer flags flying in the garden. They look wonderful, and it's nice to have a pretty reminder to enjoy the day, seek goodness and bloom! There are some I haven't seen before, so I enjoyed the individual pics you posted. It makes your garden more personal seeing what you've created, your ideas, and mantras.
    It was interesting to read about the mordants used. If I did that, I'd probably fall in love with one of the fabrics and want to replicate it, but not be able to without notes. It would be just my luck. I do that with cooking, too. DH says to make that dish again, but I don't remember how I did it. lol. Makes for some interesting experiments I suspect.

  4. Debra - Thanks! I like having them out there to remind me of what I thought as I stitched on the various prayers/intentions!

    Connie Rose - Thanks, Connie! I love Cheryl's quilt, too. I played with discharging fabric several years ago and am still using scraps from that episode, but nothing I did looked like this!

    Suz - :) Suz, that is exactly it; I don't remember, and taking time to write it all down, then change it, then tear off a scrap and do something different...and record it all again! Too much trouble! Next time, I hope to be more organized, but doubt I'll be successful!

  5. I really love your prayer flags. They are so beautiful.

  6. So nice to see all of your flags together! You must sigh with pleasure and pride at seeing them flapping in the breeze!

  7. Jenclair, those flags are just gorgeous! They look beautiful in the garden!

  8. Ohhhhhhh! This is the post I've been waiting for! Hanging in the garden =-) They are WON-der-ful! And, then viewed all together as a collection: wow! Really fantastic, Jenny!

  9. Love seeing the flags this way, strung out across your garden, and with the milkweed, won't you get butterflies in there, too?

  10. From the very first prayer flag I couldn't wait to see them all strung up together in your garden. This is truly synergy. The sum is greater than its parts. And each part is pretty spectacular in its own right. Well done Jenclair, well done.

  11. I. Love. Your. Prayer. Flags!

    Will you make me some? LOL. I love them!

  12. An outstanding project Jenclair.
    Such inspiration in each flag.
    The words, the meanings, the designs, the stitching, the creativity, the thoughts, the love..... all the parts have their moment in the spotlight.
    Hugs Cy.

  13. Wonderful! It's so great to be able to see them together! Thanks a lot!

  14. Raphaela - Thanks! I've enjoyed everything about this process!

    Nancy - I try to remember the intentions of each flag when I see them in the sun and breeze, but fear they will soon become a part of the landscape, and I'll have to make myself pay attention!

    Thanks, Sherri, I'm glad I finally got most of them outside!

    DebbyMc - :) You are always so sweet! I've enjoyed having them in the studio, but they were always supposed to hang out in the weather.

  15. Susan - It has been nice that we've had a lot of light breezes that stir the flags and work their magic. Oh, yes, the milkweed is for the butterflies even more the color!

    Rian - Oh, I like that, Rian--synergy! To think, my original thought was to make one a month. The darn things are addictive.

    Stephie - Thanks!

    Cy - I do hope the flags will continue to inspire me, especially since they've given me so many pleasant hours. Thanks for your sweet comment!

    Francoise - I like seeing them all together, too, since there wasn't room in the studio to hang them all. I had a few here, and a few there, now they are all of a piece. :)

  16. Here´s another fan of your prayer flags...;)

  17. I so love your prayer flags

  18. ger - Thanks! They have been so much fun to work on!

    Emmy - Thanks, Emmy!

  19. I love so much your payer flag!!! Always wonderful!


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