Thursday, July 13, 2006

Anxiety and laughter...

I've been in a funk all week, although I've certainly resisted this yucky feeling. High anxiety. Unable to focus. Really tired of this feeling which may be familiar, but never welcome. The water lily serves as a peaceful, serene image of what I want to feel.

"A good laugh is as good as a prayer sometimes." L.M. Montgomery.

When I saw this quote, I found another example of synchronicity because

1) laughter does so much to dispense with anxiety and stress and
2) I found my copy of Anne of Windy Poplars yesterday and re-introduced myself to Anne, Aunt Kate & Aunt Chatty, Rebecca Dew, Jen Pringle, little Elizabeth, Pauline, and so many more. Amazing how quickly I fell into the life of Summerside, its topography, characters, and events.

The view from Anne's tower window has remained clear for all of these years, and I'm once again pleasantly aware of Montgomery's ability to draw such vivid characters with all of their flaws, eccentricities, and strengths in so few words. No wonder they have remained real for me over the years. Montgomery had such a humorous view of people, celebrating the oddities and exasperating traits in a way that makes you want to laugh out loud. So discovering the above quote this morning after starting the novel last night felt like I must be in for a turning point.

I really need to get a complete works for Mila. I can re-read and enjoy them, and Mila will have them when she is ready.

My copy of Anne of Windy Poplars was given to me by someone in our family when I was in grade school, but I can't remember whose it was. It could have been Mother's, the copyright date is 1936 when she would have been about 11. Or it could have been Aunt Cissy's. Poor little book, it shows it age, but the yellowed pages read just as easily. In the front is a book plate that Erin placed there claiming the book as part of her library.

This is a daguerrotype of my grandfather as a boy. See how someone embellished the watch and chain? He was born in 1881, so this may have been made around 1887-88...


  1. The Yeats is a favorite of mine, and so are all the Anne books. We must be "kindred spirits!"

    Hope things look better for you soon.

  2. Thanks, Kay. Sharing a love for particular books and poems is always reassuring!


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