Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tried and True-- Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Coughs, Congestion

I read a tip on Pinterest a while back that suggested putting drops 
of eucalyptus essential oil on cotton balls and putting in pillows to reduce nighttime coughing and nasal congestion.

Of course, this makes perfect sense to anyone familiar with eucalyptus or Vicks Vaporub.  Eucalyptus oil has many benefits and one sniff will give instant proof of its effect 
on sinus congestion.

Lately, Fee has had a lot of nighttime coughing as a result of allergies,
 and I have had a bit of a stuffy nose, 
so I placed about 15-20 drops of eucalyptus oil on two cotton balls 
and placed one in each of our pillows.
Oooh, a much better night's sleep
 as a result of a dramatic decrease 
in both congestion and coughing.

Another tip suggests rubbing a few drops on the bottom of your feet for the same result.

I've been using essential oils 
for a variety of things for years,
 but if I had not seen that tip 
at the very time I needed it,
 I would have turned to the medicine cabinet instead of the eucalyptus oil.  

Three of my favorite scents.

Several years ago,
so the covers could be washed, 
stuffed the bags with lavender and flax seed, 
 emphasized the scent 
with essential oil combinations,
and gave them to my yoga class.
air fresheners, etc., using essential oils.

WebMD has more information about 
the use of eucalyptus oil.

Tea tree oil is also a great antibacterial
and antifungal essential oil,
but I use it sparingly 
because the scent is so strong and medicinal.

Placed some lemon eucalyptus oil
(not quite as strong an odor as eucalyptus alone)
on some of Fee's handkerchiefs 
so he can take them with him.


  1. Oh boy, I could have used this info about 3-4 days ago. Finally last night I did not wake up stuffy and coughing. I will have to remember this! Thanks

  2. What great info you share!! Thanks :)

  3. I needed this over the holidays, but will keep it in mind. Hope you are both back to 100% soon. Poor Fee--I have to take allergy pills all the time since I moved to Louisiana.

  4. P.S. Jenny, I loved the scented bags you gave your yoga class. I adore lavender and I have some sort of lavender scented eye shield for yoga relaxation pose. I usually forget to use it but every time I see it, I take it out of its plastic bag and just sit there smelling it.

  5. I am slowing adding to my essential oils that I like to keep on hand. I always have lavender, lemon, and tea tree around, but I think I will have to add eucalyptus to my collection now too. Thanks for sharing how it has been helpful for you and your family.

  6. Connie - I was surprised at how well it worked for Fee's cough. Just adjust the number of drops per cotton ball to your own preference!

    Nancy - This time of year, allergies and colds kind of intermingle, but it works either way!

    Teresa - The eucalyptus proved effective for us both. I've refreshed the cotton balls once, but all it takes is another few drops of eucalyptus oil (essential oil, though, not aroma therapy stuff).

    I forget about my eye pillows, too! But when I do use them for savasana (and boy, do I love savasana), it makes the relaxation so much better.

    Bev - Have you tried spearmint? Ummmmm. I use lemon essential oil for air fresheners and homemade cleaning mixes. Love it!

  7. I have bad lungs and for me colds usually turn into bronchitis. I used to go out in our back yard and pull some eucalyptus leaves and those buds that drop on the ground. I'd put those in boiling water, put a towel over my head, and inhale the steam. It would clear me up in no time. We don't have eucalyptus here in the desert unfortunately.

    I can attest to the powers of tea tree oil too. It got rid of a toenail fungus that I had had for years and tried everything. You have to keep at it, and it takes a while, but it does work.

    And good ol white vinegar beats the hell out of that Lime-away stuff hands down.

  8. Your favorite scents are the same as mine. When you put them "in your pillow" what do you mean? Between the pillow and pillow case? How do you keep the oil from damaging your pillow? Thanks!

  9. Rian - We had a eucalyptus tree (before tornado hit our previous house), and I kept it in arrangements just for the clean scent. The eucalyptus essential oil in boiling water
    works great, though.

    Tea tree oil, vinegar, and baking soda-- household basics with so many uses!

    Stephanie - You can let the cotton ball dry, then stuff it in the pillow case. I worried about putting it in wet for the same reason, but dry worked fine for me.


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