Saturday, March 28, 2009


Stylishly appareled in my new apron, I've continued working on the herbal eye pillows. Finished filling all the muslin bags with lavender and flax seed, and they do smell wonderful . Here are some of the finished muslin bags piled on the ironing board.A couple of years ago, I bought some fat quarters with Asian designs, and they are perfect for the covers since they will be going to folks in the yoga class. Chain stitched the hems. Quick and easy.
After cutting about half of them away, I realized that strung together, the strips looked a bit like prayer flags, so I taped the rest on the wall for a picture.I'll be finishing the covers this afternoon. Whew!

Missed the photo of the gorgeous cardinal, but here is Peter (or Flopsy, Mopsy, or Cottontail--can't tell them apart).


  1. your yoga classmates are quite lucky. was thinking about this last night and wondering if they know about it or if the gifts will be a surprise.

  2. i like the prayer flags. seems a shame to cut them up now! The japanese print will be wonderful for these.

    cute bunny. they are a dreadful pest here, but i still like them

  3. couple of big are the eye pillows? and do you heat them in the micro?

    I bet it smells heavenly with all that lavendar of my favorite scents...

  4. I got about an hour to sew today, I'm working on more birthday buntings. I hope to have something to show for my time soon. I'm solo parenting again this weekend, which means sewing time is at a premium.

  5. Very cool project you have going here--I am sure the eye pillows will be appreciated!

  6. ACey - It will be a surprise. :)

    paula h - I added tags, then sewed up most of the covers and stuffed the muslin bags right in. At which point, I moved on to other activities. The last few are pinned and ready for the last bit and won't take but a few minutes to finish.

    Bunnies are dreadful pests here in my garden! I've given up and just don't mow the yard in early spring. Lots of grass keeps them away from tender plants and seedlings (little plastic cages help, too).

    Suze - These are about
    7 1/2" x 4". You could heat them, but for my eyes, I like them cool, so I put mine in a plastic bag in the freezer. Mmmm, yes, the lavender smells wonderful!

    Lisa - Hope you managed to get your sewing time in!

    Debra - :) I love mine. I have one for relaxing and another for sinus headaches (it doesn't smell as good, but that eucalyptus does clear the sinus passages)!

  7. Hello!
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    Thank you!!
    -Carissa Holly


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