Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Musings

I'm such a doofus.  My camera was on the table ready to go, but when we got to the party, I realized that I'd forgotten it.  I had planned to take pictures of Ricky & Teresa's wonderful house all decorated for Mardi Gras, all the lovely food, old friends, etc.  It was frustrating to realize that I couldn't.

Here is a pic from last year of Teresa's library, which I adore.  This is only the corner, there are more shelves and books out of sight.  Don't you love the ladder?

Patty and Dave, Yogi and Susan, and Carla were unable to make it from Colorado and Texas, but Sheila brought some old pictures she'd found of everyone--from the 1970's!  It was fun to see all those young people before marriage, kids, and grandkids.  Who'da thought we would be old and grey, with grown children....

We had to leave early and missed seeing many old friends that arrived later, though we did get to briefly see Tim and Lynn as we were leaving.
For some reason, the cats won't leave me alone this morning.  I push one out of my lap and another one takes its place.  Lucy left my lap to try to dial the phone and step all over the keyboard.

 I've removed Blogger's new version of word verification from this blog and from my book blog.  I can't read it when trying to comment on other blogs.

  How many of you hate the new word verification on Blogger?


  1. I hate that thing, too. I can't read it either!

  2. WOW, those shelves and a LADDER! Oh, yes indeed, I hate the verification thing! I had the hardest time commenting the other day; I almost gave up cuz I could not find any I could read=-(

  3. I have such trouble reading it!

  4. Thank you - it is such a PIA!!

  5. I love the shelves, the ladder, and the colors. How cool!

  6. I can't read them either! I hear you on that, the word verification thing needs some work. That library is somethin' else! How fun and love the ladder!


  7. :) I like Gerrie's designation--the new word verification is a PIA.

    And Teresa's library is something to behold. And that ladder is just perfect!

  8. I hadn't seen this post before, Jennie. I'm flattered you like the library, which you know I love! I'm sitting in it right now. Got the colors from garden shed in old Victoria magazine and took it to paint store and had them mix the paint to match. I can't thank you enough for helping me develop my blog though I'm still such an amateur in design elements and photos. I have trouble with Picasa, too. When I see your lovely blog, I feel inadequate ;-). TERESA

  9. Teresa - You have the coolest library in town, girl! Hands down. No contest.


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