Thursday, February 16, 2012

I was dismissed from jury duty.  I didn't even make it to the selection stage, but I'm grateful not to have to undergo trial procedure.

The blue habotai silk and gauze that took the red cabbage dye so well worked for the latest prayer flag.  When I first saw the blues the red cabbage dye produced, I thought of Dylan Thomas' "sky blue trades" from "Fern Hill."  I love that poem, and although I tend to like almost everything Dylan Thomas wrote, "Fern Hill" remains one of my favorites.

I included some fabric beads I made several years ago from discharged fabric and also found a yoyo in my yoyo stash of the same fabric.  (if yoyo isn't an amusing enough word on its own, having a yoyo stash completes a ridiculous picture).  I used some blue linen embroidery thread and some of that lovely variegated fine perle cotton from Sassa Lynne for the detached chain stitches and the button hole wheel.

I really liked the blue of that discharged fabric and used it for an outfit, quilted with metallic thread, for this doll.  I used the fabric beads for her arms.

 I only have scraps of the fabric left, a small piece of the quilted fabric, and a few fabric beads left, but it goes to show that sometimes hoarding stuff pays off.  :)

I said I was going to straighten up the studio today; I said I was going to work on dolls today. So far neither has happened.


  1. Lovely, lovely prayer flag, amazing doll and I'm glad you were dismissed, from jury duty, as well. I've been called into several that would have taken an emotional toll to have to be a part of for personal reasons, alone. Happy to do civic duty but I seem to be called an amazing number of times for some reason!

  2. How beautiful this prayer flat is!

  3. Oh Jenclair, I do love this prayer flag. The blue reminds me of my mom's beautiful eyes. They were so clear and sparkly when she laughed. The doll is just fun. I love that red hair--just like one of the granddaughter's on a rough morning!

  4. I love this one, everything about it... and you know I love this doll =-) I could not live without way. I can see the embellishments on this prayer flag moving about in the breeze...lovely...

  5. Michele--Yes, jury duty is a civic obligation, but one that can be distressing. I was happy to be dismissed this time!

    Connie Rose - Thanks! I enjoyed working on this one.

    Mary - :) Just thinking about your granddaughter's red hair after a rough morning made me smile!

    Debby - Thanks! I love the blues in this one and the chemical miracle of red cabbage that produces these blues!

  6. glad you got dismissed! I like your prayer flag. The doll is amazing! did you make her? I know you used the fabric for the dress, but did you make the rest of the doll, too?

  7. Stephie - Yes, I make dolls. All the ones in my header and more. I have a couple that have been in progress for quite a while now, but first I got on an eco dyeing kick, and now the prayer flag the dolls are on hold for a while.

  8. Lovely prayer flag! And that doll is so pretty. I like blue.
    I spent 30 minutes cleaning my studio yesterday! Not enough, but it felt good.
    Have a nice Sunday.

  9. Francoise - I managed to tame my embroidery floss a bit yesterday, but I can't quite get the studio clean. When I put things away, I either forget about them or can't find them. Still, when the space gets too wild, I can't work either.


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