Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lovely New Perle Cotton

My hand-dyed fine perle cotton arrived from Sassa Lynne and is even more beautiful than I'd hoped.  I've already played with them a little and am in love!

Today, I'm going to practice on the Cretan stitch a little more.  For some reason, I can't get this to flow easily.  I'll practice with some scrap threads that I save, then try again on a prayer flag.  I've already got some rather unattractive and awkward Cretan stitches on a prayer flag; I'm not going to use it again until I have a better feel for it.

Below are some prayer flags (see the Prayer Flag Project) ready for embroidery, some that are in progress, and some of the ones I've completed.                                                                                        

 I started the orange piece in the bottom corner a couple of weeks ago, then put all my orange floss together and misplaced them.  Found them last night and worked on it a little.  However, I used the last of the one of the orange colors and am almost out of another so a trip to Michael's seems to be in order.

Great tai chi class this morning.   I wish transferring from Wu style to Yang style was easier for me, but I am enjoying the class anyway and come away so relaxed.  I miss my old Wu style group and our practices in the park.  With our park practices, we could help each other pick up on anything we missed and help refine our style.

Can't complain too much, though.  This class is part of Wellness Center (less than 5 minutes from the house) where I take yoga classes as well--convenience counts, as does not having to drive after dark.  :)

Have a great day!


  1. Beautiful colored threads. Have you said where you will hang them when you are done? Studio inspiration?

  2. Drooling over your threads, Jenclair! Have you tried the Sassa Lynne silks and rayon threads? They are gorgeous! (it's no wonder I'm always broke)
    Your prayer flags are beautiful!

  3. love this whole post! pls, can I put them on theprayerflagproject blog and will you link to it in your posts?

  4. Nancy - Aren't they pretty? I love that they are variegated. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the flags now, especially since I'm making more than I expected! Originally, the plan was to make about two a month, but I've quite exceeded that.

    Suz - I haven't tried the silks or rayons yet. I find silk floss hard to manage, but I love the effect. And yes, it would be easy to spend way too much on Sassa Lynne's stuff. I have several other color ways picked out.... :)

    Jane - Thanks so much! I'd be thrilled if you used them on the prayer flag blog, and I'd certainly link to them. I've already linked to them in several previous posts!

  5. Thought of you when I saw this site. Her dolls are not just like yours but it reminded me of your work. Love it. Still quietly stalking you. lol Enjoying your stuff! Wendy (moved from Bossier to Shreveport - we finished out house! YEAH!)

  6. Oh, gosh, Wendy, you are "no reply" and have no blog, and I have no way to thank you for recommending this blog! I was not familiar with this blog or her work, but Fell. In. Love. with Evangeline.

    Thank you for sharing this with me!

  7. Your prayer flags are beautiful!, and your dolls too. Your stitching and the way you compose your pieces are so interesting, they remind me of actual paintings, painting with embroidery thread! Vanessa x

  8. Vanessa -- Thanks you! I so enjoyed visiting your Evangeline!


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