Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mila Loves Pink

As usual, this crown began making its own way.  Some of my original thoughts are included, but many are not.  I always have lots of ideas and possible embellishments,
but then the crown kind of emerges from the chaos, shedding many ideas as it begins to shape itself.
Some of the details are taking a little time, but I'm liking the direction so far.  A few more experiments to attempt--may use an elastic band in the back, but not yet sure. 
Perhaps the reason I've enjoyed playing with these crowns so much is simply the fact that the possibilities and effects seem endless.  Whatever theme, conjecture, fantasy  comes to mind seems to become an organic thing that evolves at its own pace and in its own way.

And in the wake of its own emergence, more possibilities for future crowns...

What does this weekend hold for you?


  1. Oh! I'm gonna love this! =-) As far as what the weekend holds...I fell and hurt my foot yesterday (a really silly fall) so I think it will hold a book and a cup of tea, maybe some yarn and needles, and quite probably a movie on TV...It is so beautiful outside, I may do some of this on the patio...but I really wanted to be out shopping for plants...sigh... I did finish something this morning, though...a little QUILT! Believe it or not =-)

  2. Can I be your granddaughter?

  3. Debby- Prop that foot up and use it as the perfect excuse to read, knit, watch that movie, or daydream!

    I'd planned to do some plant shopping today, but looks like rain.

    Love your new little quilt!

    Debra -;) Mila is a shiny, pink & purple kinda girl. What kind of girl are you, Debra? Somehow, I see you with shades of blue, but I've also seen lots of pink in some of your quilts!


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