Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Practical Project And More

Finally got to work on a carrier for my yoga mat. It will be more of a sling than a bag. Since the new mat didn't fit into the old bag, carrying it has been a bit awkward.
I'll put a pocket on it for keys or whatever.

Have begun working on another doll. I'm hooked on the sock/glove doll thing!

Here is a link to Karoda's blog and the video she posted of Naomi Shihab Nye reading at the Dodge Poetry Festival. The poem is about taking her son to see The Nutcracker. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing, K!

And a little Christmas video:


  1. love the video! thanks for sharing. have fun with the sock glove creatures. i made some bunnies last easter and the kids loved them.

  2. suesueb - Oh, bunnies! That will be a fun project for Easter!

  3. what a sweet little vid... a most excellent end.

    I bet ms t would like a sock doll...I'll have to get to work!

  4. kimy - I love both of the videos, but the one of Naomi Shihab Nye made me laugh out loud!

    I'm sure ms t would love a sock doll. Bryce Eleanor loves hers, and I'm making a couple for some twins now.

  5. Love the video! will be following the sock doll progression. Take care.


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