Friday, October 27, 2006

October Summary

Went to my Tai Chi class last night; we did some Qi Gong that immediately made me feel better and learned a new move for the straight sword. I've been really trying to get back into both class and park lately, although so many things tend to interfere. Today I'm planning to get to the park.

I finished the R.I.P Challenge and read 3 bonus books. I'm also waiting on 3 (three!) separate Amazon orders and have some excellent library books on tap. The Book Thief and Atwood's Alias Grace are in the mix.

Spent most of yesterday, catching up on housework and laundry, so I'm feeling better about this weekend --which is pretty much packed.

I finally got one doll completed. Only have two left, after nearly two years of the heads staring at me.

One thing that is not happening is any quilting. I look at other blogs and admire what they are doing and think, "I've sketched out this project, why don't I get busy and do something about it?" Then I get distracted and don't think about it again.

Also in the negative column, I've just realized that my archives are not on this new page. Another problem to tackle...and I still don't have my Ring stuff back on.

So...although I'm pleased with the progress I've made in some areas, I am not happy about the lack of progress in the quilting arena or my blog page problems. Poor Debra, she's beating her head up against a brick wall trying to help me.


  1. Still have a few days left in the month!

  2. True, but I don't expect to get too much done. :)

  3. Hi Jenclair, you've inspired me to join the local tai-chi class newly offered, and I love it!! the chen style seems very powerful and thankfully the tutor is keen to explain the movement of energy around the body... so thank you for the inspiration.

  4. Oh, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, Helen Suzanne. It has been a great source of physical and mental exercise. Good luck!

  5. Thanks for reminding me about Qi Gong. I haven't done it in a long while and it really energizes you! Now that Debra and I have started yoga again it will become a part of my practice for sure.

  6. Rian - I would love to take yoga, but with Tai Chi 6 days a week (not that I make all 6 anymore)there just doesn't seem time.


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