Saturday, January 29, 2022

January has flown by

Books/Reading   some of January's books:  Billy Summers by Stephen King(audiobook) , The Lincoln Highway (audiobook), Jack Gatland's Declan Walsh series (went wild and read books 1-8), The Raven Spell by Luanne G. Smith, The Dying Day by Vassem Khan (another audiobook).  I liked all of these. :)

Since I had the audiobooks, I also used the listening time to do chores, to work on my mail art, or to embroider on the apron I spilled bleach on a while back.  

Here is the apron hanging with the laundry, awaiting the next audiobook and more stitches.  As usual, nothing pre-planned, just keeping my fingers busy while I listen to a book, and no fancy stitches because they require thinking.  

My Deep Pocket aprons are great and I can keep my phone and kindle with me as I go about my day.


I love this article by Bonnie Jeanne!  Just a snippet:  


Suggestions From a Mail Enthusiast

She wants you to raise those little flags on your mailbox

I love my job. I get to deliver mail to people in the town where I live in all its splendor, all year round. The summer traffic is intense, and I am not great at left turns onto the highway, but most postal routes keep us turning right, so that is helpful.

While I am not fond of large, heavy packages that are hard to fit in my little mail truck (I mean you, kitty litter and bottled water!), most of the time I get to deliver fun packages, or so I assume. I hope you all are ordering more than just paper towels and other mundane household items.

Sadly, I don’t get to take a lot of fun outgoing mail from the mailboxes I visit. Those little flags on your mailbox need some exercise! And I have some suggestions.

I was already thinking of adding two of her suggestions to this post, but then I found Bonnie Jeanne's article, and she does a better job of it than I would have! Do follow the link and read the whole article.

I'm almost caught up with my own mail.

 Bonnie Jeanne and I have been corresponding for a year now.

postcard to Thérèse

postcard to Teresa E.

Postcard to Mila,
who has a new job at a French bakery

postcard to Max,
with another pun


  1. The apron looks delightful!
    Cheerful and creative postcards, they make me smile.

    1. Thanks, Maewyn! I was so put out when I spilled the bleach on this apron, but it has ended up being the perfect way to stitch and listen to an audiobook. :)

  2. I've been on a roll with Stephen King books. Just finished If It Bleeds and recently finished The Outsider. I have Billy Summers on my TBR shelf and will get to it soon. I also have The Lincoln Highway ready to go, too. So many wonderful books waiting for me!

    I love how you've rescued your apron with the bleach marks. So creative! Thanks for sharing the link about letter writing. My mom has been writing to my niece (her granddaughter) for over a year now. My niece is 18 and loves everything vintage, so my mom has been telling her about the clothes she wore when she was a teenager, as well as many other stories about her childhood. It's been great for both of them during the pandemic.

    1. It's wonderful to have good books waiting for you! I hope you enjoy them. :)
      Your mom is establishing a relationship that her granddaughter will always remember, and she is relating family history in the most personal and tactile way! I'm so pleased for both of them!

  3. Your apron is so beautiful!
    I LOVE the envelopes you sent me-and your art and letter and the year info-you are doing much more than writing letters-you are sending happiness. God bless you...

    1. It was only a return for the pleasure finding your kindness in my mailbox, Debra! It was a surprise that brightened my day!

  4. The apron looks very much as though you are enjoying it!

    And I offer you this gem, from my uncle when he was very small: "A snag? That's a little cow that wouldn't talk!"

    1. It's been fun to stitch while listening to an audiobook, and I like the colorful look of the embroidery on the black background. "A snag"--a neologism that deserves repeating!

  5. Damn Jen, that apron rocks!!!! I've never worn an apron in my life (not sure why) but I would so wear that one!!! Your use of color, stitch and design, the spontaneity of it all makes my heart flip-flop with happiness. If you ever decide to part (sell) with it, please let me know, for as you know I'm one of your biggest fans xoxoxo

    1. Thanks so much Debra! I love them for the pockets! I bought one a few years ago because I was always looking for my phone--now I have my Kindle in one pocket and my phone in the other. :)

  6. I love all the mail and the quotes! The spider on my shirt dance is similar to the "I just walked through a spider web" dance best done outdoors. Thanks for the card. The apron is awesome. I don't see any bleach spots, which I guess is the point. My bleach encounters usually result in large, discolored swatches which I blame on Ricky who will clean surfaces with bleach and fail to inform me. I just turn these clothes into gardening attire.

    1. Ha! I am familiar with the spider web dance--from the chair on the patio to the post. Pretty to look at, if you see it in time, otherwise frantic dancing. :) As for the bleach, it was dribbled all down the front and covered with the long, close stitching. I simply cannot be trusted with bleach.


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