Thursday, May 24, 2018

This and That Thursday

This past weekend, Erin, Brandon, Max, and Mila came up from Baton Rouge for a visit!   Mila's birthday is May 29th, and she is definitely teenager one moment,  kid the next.  :)

Books/Reading -- Lots of books that I haven't reviewed yet, but my favorite is Our Homesick Songs by Emma Hooper!                                                                                                Devastated by the loss of the fishing industry, the folks of the small Newfoundland village of Big Running gradually abandoned their homes to find work elsewhere.  The Connors, however, have hung on, trying to wait for the cod to return to their waters.  Our Homesick Songs is a beautiful tale of  tradition, the power of songs, and mythic family stories.  Loved it.

After watching a video of Craftyhodges making "Artist Trading Coins,"
I decided to try my hand at it..  I don't have a 2 1/2" circle punch, 
but did have some circle tags that I used to trace, cut out, and collage.  Fun!

I have a couple more in progress and can see that I will have 
a number of possibilities to try using all the bits and scraps, 
stamps and ephemera that accumulate on my desk. 
 Kind of learning as I go...nothing new about that.

Incoming Mail

 from Connie
card from Penny B.


Thank you notes that went out last week to
my lovely daughters for Mother's Day gifts!

Response to Penne M. for her latest letter.

 early morning

Ever want to tell someone what you think of their parking?
This person printed up notes to put on windshields of folks
who can't park between the lines.  :)



  1. You have been having fun, haven't you!

    1. Yes, I have! And creating quite a mess! :)

  2. LOL, what a great idea about the parking notes. I've often wanted to have signs in my car while driving to hold up to tell people to use their blinkers and things like that.

    Your garden is lovely!

    1. It is a great idea, isn't it? To the point, but not rude or crass. Wonder if the note was for a repeat offender and the note was a final straw...

      I'm still enjoying the early morning in the garden, but with temperatures already in the 90's and high humidity, I'm through long before the heat is oppressive. :)

  3. Your garden is exquisite! I could really enjoy a book and a cup of coffee in that dappled sunlight, with the bees buzzing and birds chirping.

    1. I've only seen one hummingbird so far, but I'm hoping for more. I don't put out feeders and have to depend on their attraction to various plants. We have always had cardinals and robins and a mockingbird who keeps watch on all that goes on, an early warning system. Nothing exotic, but still relaxing to watch and listen to the familiar birds and bees. :)

  4. This is the first time I have seen Trading Coins. Cute idea. OMGOSH, I love your garden!! I wish our outside time was longer. We used to warm up in March and stay warm until October...with August being our Dog Days month. We got so much done outside. This past week has been our first to be able to be outside working and now the humidity has ramped up limiting Terry's breathing ability. But even a few hours a day brings excellent results!!

    Have a great weekend,
    xx, Carol

    1. The little circles are fun to work on! The garden is small, and I've had to rework it this year after losing the three birch trees. I'm afraid the summer heat is going to be more destructive this year without a little shade in the afternoon, and our dog days may be coming much earlier this year. The latest 10 day prediction calls for temps as high as 103! Huh?! Combined with humidity, it will be awful. I certainly understand Terry's trouble breathing when the humidity is high--feels like sucking in wet cotton. :(

  5. What synchronicity - I just heard about Artist Trading Coins last week. I have a circle punch but mine is smaller. I really like yours especially the one with the poppet. Love your garden area as it looks so peaceful! And, a very happy birthday to Mila. Hope there was lots of cake :)

    1. :) The Artist Trading Coins have really taken off on the internet. Tons of tutorials, but I saw the Craftyhodges one first and like it the best. Hoping the garden survives the summer, we will be reaching 103 degrees in a few days--way too early!

  6. May I please, please, come sit in your garden? It looks beautiful and relaxing. And not hot. Every place in my yard is hot, and we have trees everywhere.
    I'm going to have to research these Artist Trading Coins. I love yours!

    1. Anytime, Mary! It doesn't look hot in the early morning, but that doesn't last long in this heat. Try the Craftyhodeges video for the Coins!


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