Tuesday, April 17, 2018

More Snail Mail Ideas for National Letter Writing Month

*  This is one of my favorites:  Penny Berens keeps in touch with her young grandchildren by drawing scenes and characters they might enjoy; when her grandchildren get the letters, they can color them in--a fine collaboration!  Check the link to see!

*Writing letters can be a solitary activity, but it doesn't have to be:
Kimberly Ah likes to party.  :)  Halloween Mail Art PartyBirthday Mail Art Party
Pamela Gerard at Cappuccino and Art attends regular mail art gatherings.
         Letter Writing/Correspondence Clubs  

All of the above look like fun!  
Letters, good company, shared supplies,
ideas, and techniques.  :)

 *Print a photograph and add to an envelope or postcard.   

In 2016, when my little brother (Ha!) was inducted into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame,
I printed an old pic of the two of us for the envelope.  I was actually
bigger than Steve at that point, although he is two years younger.  It
didn't take him long to outgrow me.  An old basketball stamp was perfect.

*Use pages from old books.  Tutorial

*Paste stickers and/or use rubber stamps on a plain envelope.  Connie does such a wonderful job with her envelopes and her beautiful brush pen addresses.

Another one I liked was #13--
"Finish a Conversation."
quote on back

post card to Teresa

Oh, dear!


  1. A fine variety envelopes, you have there!

    1. I pull ideas from everywhere. I'm an eclectic and a Magpie and love new ideas to try. :)

  2. Some good ideas here -- and thanks for the shout-out! That USPS form is pretty funny.

    1. It is always fun to see what others are doing--love your mail art gatherings. :)

      Yep, that mother-in-law has had enough!

  3. Yay! I got my post card! Neither I nor the post office managed to lose it. Love the poem by Billy Collins. I looked up the rest of the poem, his imagery is magical. The poem was so perfect for today, with strong but warm breezes blowing while I potted my plants. Ricky mowed the lawn, then laid out in the hammock, before tackling his compost piles--I swear it's his hobby. That man loves his compost bins and positively gloats over the size of the worms. We now have one completed compost bin, one that is cooking and not being added to right now, and one he is modifying before he starts it again.

    1. Have no idea where the missing postcard went, but I'm glad you like this one. Yay for compost bins and a husband who loves and tends them! Ricky fits the Renaissance Man description in so many ways. :)

  4. Replies
    1. :) I'd love to have seen the face of the former daughter-in-law that received the package!

  5. Such a fun mystery. Proof that you touch many hearts.



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