Friday, December 15, 2017

Geminid Showers and Mail Art

On Wednesday, December 13, Fee and I went down to the cabin to see the geminid meteor shower.  The stars always put on a fantastic show away from all of the city lights, and we looked forward to the meteors. 

The night was cold, and although there were some thin layers of clouds, the large clear areas provided an amazing view of the constellations, especially of Orion's Belt and the Bid Dipper, which I can easily recognize.

Frequent forays outside (alternating between wine in front of the fireplace) to view the heavens began as soon as it got dark.  We cut out the porch lights and waited for the geminid shower to begin.  The stars were gorgeous, but the shower didn't prove to be what was expected.  Eventually, we gave up and went to bed.  At 11:45, I woke up, put on my coat and went back outside.  

I lay down on the flagstone and looked up for a little more than 20 minutes and saw three shooting stars before I got too cold to stay!  So bright and so brief!  Each time, an involuntary "ooh!" marked the passage of the fleeting bright line across the sky.  Back inside to a warm bed with a smile on my face.

Even though the geminid shower wasn't as showy as I had hoped, the evening was wonderful--in front of the fire or out under the open sky in the cold, clear night.  I'm sure some areas saw more, but I was more than satisfied.  :)

A few more hurried outgoing postcards:


This was a Thanksgiving card I didn't share earlier--
from our old friend and professional photographer Marc.
Can you guess what it is?
I had to ask Fee.
A turkey breast!
That's the beard in the top left-hand corner.

from Jacque

and mail art from Carly in Cambodia!

I've delayed finishing the third snowman while working on another project.  The snowman was almost finished, when another idea hit me, and I put him aside to work on the new idea.  

Of course, creating a new head and body, new arms and legs to match, and new clothing to fit,  slows everything down.  For some reason, I have to keep experimenting--instead of using a pattern I've already worked out, but maybe it just keeps me from getting bored with a project.



  1. It's wonderful to get a good look at the night sky, isn't it!

    1. So hard to get a good look in town, but in the country the view is fantastic. :)

  2. Merry Christmas.
    I have never seen one meteor shower. I HAVE seen a shooting star to two. When the showers occur it is either cloudy or I am sleeping. But I'm sure a lot of the reason is that the sky is just too lit where I live. I should have been more aware of such things when I was young and living in a beach town on Lake Michigan. I spent to much time at that lake in the dark I bet it was going on and I didn't even know it.
    xx, Carol

    1. Merry Christmas, Carol! I've only seen a few shooting stars in the course of a life time, so seeing three in one night was awesome. Even if I only saw three and they lasted only long enough for my mind to register, I was delighted. Yep, the world is so lit up at night that we don't always have the opportunity to appreciate the night sky.


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