Monday, November 20, 2017

Stitching Words and Mail Art

I started working on one of my studio shirts again about a week ago, but after reading about Rosalind Wyatt's beautiful text in stitch, I was inspired again to try writing with a needle.

I made these little brooches (?) about 6 months ago, 
and enjoyed my efforts with stitched words.

I don't take my studio shirts too seriously, no one else really sees them, and they are great place to experiment or just for peaceful moodling.   The brown check one has been in progress for at least three years (when I'm not wearing it), and is now getting a little stitch writing.
 "You can borrow a book, but you get to keep the ideas."  

Looks like I forgot to cross a "t" and left off quotation marks.  
More practice in order--

Maybe I should embroider the text on muslin and then add patches.
Yep, the stitching is not too legible on the checks.
Need to experiment with two strands of floss 
and with Perl cotton.

Older sections, that have been washed over 
and over
for several years.

Still have space to fill in when I feel like it.  
Maybe with stitch writing...

Outgoing Mail (last week)

this one is to an old friend who is ill-- 

Yep, still having fun with the cartoons...

Since this one is going to Singapore and will take about 3 weeks
to arrive, I should have made it a Christmas or a Winter card.
(#7 in cartoons on black cardstock series)

 Anna's letter is on its way to England,
I learned from my mistake and made a wintery envelope,
even though it won't take quite as long to reach its destination. 

Usually, I'm more a "one holiday at a time" kind of person, and Thanksgiving is almost here.  Then the Christmas Season will be on be upon us.  Does everything seem to be moving too fast?  Is it just me?  


  1. No, no! I agree completely! One holiday at a time for this girl.
    Your embroidered words are fun. I love the book quotes. They would make great book marks.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I wish Thanksgiving came a little earlier, giving a bit more space before Christmas. Maybe I could exercise off some of the calories in between!

  2. It's not just you. I'm only glad we don't have Thanksgiving to deal with as well. Christmas is quite enough to organise!

    1. Having two holidays (with so much food!) so close together makes for too much of a rush. Especially since advertisers start the Christmas barrage earlier and earlier each year. It almost feels like Thanksgiving has lost its meaning of being thankful for what we have in the hurry to get more!

  3. Time surely is going fast!!! I love your shirts-the stitching makes me want to get back to my shirts too.....I don't have enough time!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. :) Time is at a premium during the back to back holiday season. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we are headed to the camp to join the kids and grandkids for a couple of days. I'm taking my stitching with me, but doubt there will be much time for that. :)

      Happy Thanksgiving, Debra!

  4. I never would have thought to write with a needle. I love that.

    1. Thanks! I've been enjoying playing with stitched words!


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