Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Cellos and Cartoon Postcards

I've been enamored with these guys since I first heard them.


I like being able to write on the front and the back of the postcards--
these two went out a couple of days ago.

It is actually watercolor on old sketch book paper,
not on watercolor paper--I needed something thinner.

I've been busy painting and wrinkling paper, 
drawing more cartoons,
and cutting them out.
This has been my favorite activity in a while!

I definitely need to check labels more closely...
these crack me up!


  1. I got one T-shirt whose label told me not to slap any pandas, which lead me to question the life choices of the label designer!

    1. None of mine were funny or creative! I was disappointed--although I would never slap a Panda!

  2. Oh, LOVE your little watercolor cartoon characters! At first I thought you painted them right on the black paper. Then I read to where you were cutting them out. That does look like a fabulously fun project. OMG!...the clothing labels!!! How fun are those. I’m off now to look at all the labels in my clothing! LOL. A lot of clothing isn’t even getting a label anymore. The stuff is printed right into the fabric.

    1. Thanks, Annie! I can't quit drawing these darn things--I feel like I'm in kindergarten again. :)

      Aren't those labels funny! I'd love to get one like that, but have to admit that the information printed right on the fabric is more comfortable. Not much worse than an itchy label.

  3. What a wonderful post!!!!Your artwork is wonderful. I can see you doing these little cutouts and selling them-it's a tremendous idea and not only that-you are doing them so well!!!!!
    Love 2cellos also-going to email that to my son, who wants to study playing a cello. Thank you again for a heart-warming and beautiful post!

    1. Thanks, Debra--it never fails to amaze me how I can get such a kick out of cut and paste. I love strings, but the cello is my favorite, and Luka and Stjepan can move from classical to rock and always seem to enjoy themselves. :)

  4. Love, love, love your artwork. Your cartoons look like you're having great fun.
    I've never noticed silly labels before, but then I don't really look at them. I'll have to start just to see what ridiculousness I can find. This is the perfect time, too, because I don't shop very much except for gift-giving. And finally, fruit salad is a healthy snack--unless you add sweetened condensed milk, then it's just a delicious treat.

  5. I have enjoyed making these cartoons! I get inspiration from quilts and stuffies and and catalogs and Carla Sonheim--finding eyes from one and a headpiece from another. Women's clothing magazines have great patterns and Zentangles and creatures that I've doodled in old notebooks.

    I really would love to find one of those wonderful, silly labels, but luck so far.


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