Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween Mail and Cartoons

Outgoing mail last week

I have some incoming mail to take pics of and letters to answer.
Since I love making Halloween envelopes and postcards,
I need to get busy...
I don't have much time left to get them in the mail before the 31st 

This is how I've felt lately.


  1. Creepy fun mail Jen! That spider stamp is just too real for me. That makes it really creepy to me!

    1. I know! That stamp creeps me out, too! But the Black and Yellow Garden Spider is an orb weaver and is beneficial to the garden and not harmful to humans. Still...they are large and sinister looking. When I ran out of pumpkin stamps, I remembered this one and thought it was perfect for Halloween. The "ugh" factor is huge. :p

  2. Oh, that last one is perfect! Haven't we all been tempted to curse our computers, root and branch!

    1. Mine keeps freezing up and cursing only helps momentarily! :(


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