Monday, November 21, 2016

Here We Go Again...

OK, I am a time-waster.  A very proficient time-waster.  Sometimes I regret the time wasted, sometimes I don't.  And sometimes, I feel like maybe you would enjoy some of the places I waste my time.  :)

I watched the latest Sainsbury Christmas ad, which I liked just because it has James Corden doing the voice-over.  But then I got side-tracked with other Sainsbury  adverts, like Waste Less Save More:

And then,  well, just a few more.

What else should I do?  Clean house?

I actually did clean the house!  Everything except mop the floors, and I decided to do that today.  Well, that was the idea anyway.  Doesn't seem as urgent this morning.

Frustrating: When Edgar gets in my lap when I'm trying to work(?) on the computer.  He can not keep his paws to himself!  I like feeling his warmth in my lap and listening to his purring, but his constant reaching for my hand is annoying and causes typos that need correction.  I make enough mistakes without his help.

I finished reading The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemison, a dystopian novel that tackled a lot of problems about power and corruption, before we took another little trip this weekend to Jefferson, TX.  We stayed at The Excelsior Hotel which has provided accommodations since 1858;   famous visitors included Ulysses S. Grant and Oscar Wilde.  We did not see the ghost, but were charmed by the hotel anyway.

Sometimes there are so many things on the "to do" list that I'm overwhelmed and unable to get started.  



  1. Yes, this post makes perfect sense to me. I even began feeling guilty all over again about wasted time from yesterday and day before that and day before that, etc. Gee thanks! LoL. Cooking and cleaning are always the biggest waste of time in my book. You do them constantly yet they are never done! Happy Thanksgiving, Jen!

    1. Yep--there is a lot less satisfaction in completing chores that have to be done over and over and over! Cooking and cleaning never-ending! Happy Thanksgiving, Annie!

  2. I know what you mean about 'too much to do' - it kind of makes me stop altogether and just sit prevaricating instead. Really not helpful.
    Lynn :D

    1. I have plenty of "displacement activities" when I want to avoid a chore or can't decide what to do first--making another list, cleaning out a drawer, reading another chapter... :)

  3. Since I retired, I have a whole different perspective on "wasting time". When I worked I had to fill just about every waking minute doing something productive. It took just about the first year after retiring for me to adjust my thinking and to quit feeling guilty and feeling gratified at the end of the day.

    Now, thanks to you, I am reading again. I also find a project, no matter how small, to do each day like cleaning or decluttering a spot. Or shredding papers we no longer need. Do you know that I had EVERY tax return we EVER filed for the past 45 years!! I could write an entire blog post on THAT, lol.
    Each day is a gift.
    xx, Carol

  4. Retirement does alter our perspective--"waiting until tomorrow" is not as much of a problem any longer. But I do tend to put some things off day after day, and then feel overwhelmed. Especially during holiday seasons!

    Ha! I'm a paper keeper, too--funny how easy it is to file and ignore paper. I'm still cracking up about your tax returns!

  5. Funny how easy it is to find something else to do when there's housework on the horizon!


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