Sunday, October 30, 2016

Letters to Frankenstein, Day Trip, etc.

I found these letters from kids to Frankenstein on a post on The Letter Writers Alliance blog, then followed the link, but found no information about the how and why these letters were written.  Evidently a school project, but the kids all received letters from Victor Frankenstein, usually explaining that he was Frankenstein's creator and not the monster.

Original Source:  Something Awful has more of the letters


Yesterday was our anniversary, and we took a day trip to Jefferson, TX which was such a pleasure!  Its brick streets and old buildings maintain all the atmosphere of the settlement which was first mentioned in 1840.  

We visited the museum, then began touring various antique shops--for hours!  By that afternoon, we were exhausted and had not been to all of the shops.   

It has been years since we've visited Jefferson, TX, but when our kids were little, we saw Marcia Thomas' one woman show of The Belle of Amherst in Jefferson which was remarkable!  You can see Julie Harris' version on Youtube, and it is worth the time.  I've always been an Emily Dickinson fan.

Highlight:  Kitt's Kornbread Sandwich and Pie Bar.  A cornbread sandwich did not sound that appetizing, but we decided to give it a try--and hush my mouth and let's get on with the eatin'!  Wonderful!   As a Southern gal, I have had lots and lots of cornbread over the years, but never any this good, and as for the experience I will never forget and will be back for more.  I swan, it should be on your bucket list to try one of Kitt's kornbread sandwiches.  Now I'm a little hung up on Southern colloquialisms, but hey, if leather were brains, I wouldn't have enough to saddle a June bug.


Still working on leaves and have some soaking in a glycerin solution to see how that works.

Source:  Casey Trees
The pear trees, which are usually breathtaking in the fall are all still green, but when they turn, I'll be there to pick them up.  The leaves that are falling around here are nothing special, but I'm having fun with them anyway.

The photo above shows what the pear trees should look like by now.

I also have plans for a new project which will be getting some attention as soon as I have time.


I have several letters to answer and will be busy writing responses next week.  :)  Love snail mail, and I especially love getting mail from Bryce Eleanor who sent me a Halloween card.  


I'm reading Melanie Wallace's The Girl in the Garden, and honestly, I was not expecting the kind of book that I will never forget.  I have not finished, but already know it will be one of my all-time favorites.  Will review on the book blog closer to publication, but I may have to buy a print copy when it is published.

Hope you all have been having a lovely weekend!


  1. Someone took some care with the Victor Frankenstein letter!

    1. :) The letters must have been fun to answer!

  2. I'm guessing that a teacher had great fun with that Frankenstein project. And what a great way to teach letter writing (which we no longer do with high school). Imagine getting to be the one to know the kids and read their letters.

    Jenclair, I've read something (somewhere) that was very positive about The Girl in the Garden and have it on my list. Let us know when it comes out, please. Interesting that you're reading a book with leaves on the cover at this particular time. Hmmm, I wonder if maybe there's some kind of leaf force....

    Have a great week!

    1. Love this kind of interactive project! Both teacher and students must have had fun with this one.

      I finished The Girl in the Garden yesterday and loved it! It will be published Jan. 31, 2017, and I do think I will need a copy of this one to shelve.

  3. There is amazing reading on the internet! How much we would have missed if it never were invented. I'm thinking what a great teacher created the letter writing project. Imagine how involved those kids were creating and writing those letters, and getting a lesson in copyright too. Don't you love when renown people find time to create lasting, loving memories for kids.

    Happy Anniversary too! I remember when Terry and I would spend the day antiquing. thanks for bringing those memories back to mind.

    Happy Halloween!!
    xx, Carol

    1. Since these letters can be retained in physical format, they will be treasured and laughed at for years! I wish I knew more about the project and who wrote the letters from Victor Frankenstein.

      Thanks, Carol. It was such a nice way to spend the day--but we lost energy a lot quicker than we used to. :) Happy Halloween!

  4. Lovely post!! Full of fun stuff. You've gotten me interested in leaf stitchery and I'm making a few 'stabs' at it (quite literally!).

    1. Well, I'm interested in punchneedle--wish you were closer and teach me how!


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