Monday, June 13, 2016

Last week was a busy and tiring one.  A trip to Houston interrupted the week big time, and on returning home, I was too drained to return to my garden work.  

So...I started playing with the tea bags again.  Can't explain exactly why I'm drawn to them, and I don't know yet how I'll use them.  Some of the earlier ones I've added to postcards, but haven't decided what to do with these that I've embroidered.  Right now, they are washi-taped to journal pages.

Since I can't watch television without having something to do with my hands and I love Korean Drama, the tea bags were the answer to keeping my hands occupied while watching Neighborhood Hero.  

My husband doesn't see how I can watch, read subtitles, and embroider at the same time, but I'm not a perfectionist and don't concern myself with being neat or having anything in mind when I begin putting down stitches.  

Embroidery is my way of watching Netflix or Hulu or Drama Fever.  Remember all those dozens of fabric beads I embroidered?  They were so I could watch my shows!

Now, I'm going to figure out how to use the tea bags.
Maybe some collage....

Bryce Eleanor spent the night on June 4,
and made this postcard for her friend Ellie.

She left room for the address on the right,
and I'm sure the stamp at the bottom won't matter.
AJ is for Animal Jam.

Letter from Penne.
The letter came the day before we were leaving for Houston,
so I just put a postcard in the mail.
Jacki Long started putting little collages on the back of her postcards.
It inspired me to the same, especially when in a hurry.

 When we got back home, 
 I wrote the letter which went out in today's mail.
on the back

 from Connie

 She included some of her lovely hand-dyed fabrics 
and a lovely ATC!  Thanks, Connie!

This went out to her today.

I have several more replies to write
that I will share soon.

I LOVE this:


  1. Ooh! I love your fabric beads...and your teabag collages...and the idea of giving trees email addresses! Why not?!

    1. Reading through the emails and the replies from the trees makes me happy! I made dozens and dozens of those beads while watching my shows. They kept my hands happy--as do the tea bags! Thanks, Connie!

  2. Don't know if you remember me or not---you kindly provided me with author Kate DiCamillo's publisher's address.
    I wrote the following:
    "Dear Kate,
    I'm 71 years old and surely should be beyond children's books. Nevertheless, I recently borrowed "Raymie Nightingale" from the library. The little girls are so precious, I fell in love with each one but especially Louisiana. You had me laughing out loud in several parts; Beverly's no-nonsense approach hysterical.
    In conclusion, all I can say is thank you. Oh, and I bought two copies for friends."

    1. Gail, I certainly do remember! And what a wonderful letter to send to an author who has brought you joy! I'm hoping Miss DiCamillo will reply! And by the way, I'm not beyond children's books by any means. There are books that truly have no age limits--the best ones are that way. :)

  3. I can't just sit and look at the TV either. I must have something to do. I love all your embroidery. Wow, embroidering tea bags. They look awesome! I really love Bryce Eleanor's postcard. Is she hooked on mail art yet? All your mail art, received and sent, is always inspiring and fun!

    1. Thanks, Annie! I'm having fun with the tea bags while I watch my shows. I go months without watching anything, then succumb to marathons with plenty of thread & needle work going at the same time. :)
      I'm going to suggest that B.E. and Mila write Erin Hunter, the author of the Warrior Cat series. I read one in that series years ago and enjoyed it, but the grands are really loving the series.

  4. Always fascinating to read your posts and see what direction your creativity is currently taking. Are these regular tea bags? What happens to the tea?

    1. I make my cup of tea, then take the used tea bag, open it, empty the contents, then rinse it under the faucet. I've used two tea bags for each of the above. :) I love tea!

  5. I tend to get fixed either on the embroidery or the film if I try to do both, so I am lost in admiration!

    1. Ahh, but what you do is museum quality. What I do is keep my hands busy. :)

  6. Yikes!! I can't work and watch television at the same time. Perhaps if I could I'd get more done *smile*.

    1. I'm a little slower, and maybe not too careful, but I love having a good show to watch and something to cover with stitches!

  7. Wow! What else can I say? Your own art, and the art of the people who write to you is just so inspiring! I do love your tea bag art especially-and those embroidered beads-amazing. Would you do a blog tutorial about how to make them? And are there tricks to embroidering tea bags??!

    1. Thanks, Debra! I participated in mail art years ago, and then work, etc. interfered. In December, I began playing again and have had such fun.

      The tea bags are something I admired several years back, but recently I found the work Ruby Silvious has done and was inspired anew. I'm still experimenting with all the ways I can use tea bags!

      The fabric beads were inspired by seeing Victoria Gertenbach's lovely beads. I posted links to her work and her Etsy shop when I started making them. Since I'd never seen anything like her beads, I didn't want to just copy them since she sells her tutorial here. I ordered it and started a compulsive bead making adventure in March of last year. If the beads were what you were interested in, I wouldn't want to do a "how to" since Victoria sells the tutorial.

      Oh, and Debra, I'm really jealous of the work you commissioned from Not Just Nat! Beautiful--just saw her blog post!


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