Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More Snail Mail


To Annie

To Mila, Bryce Eleanor, Max;
had to take these to the P.O.
to get them hand-canceled.
Too thick to go through the machine.


from Annie
Love the envelope made from a book page (?)


 Thank you pc from Chrystobal

I made the wolf mask for Bryce Eleanor last year.

I sent the postcard below to Chrystobal (see above) for her Mask mail art call.
B.E. wanted a nose, so added a peat pot for the pic.
I just looked through last year's photos
and made some alterations for the mail art call.

from Penne
with reference to the flooding :)

 from Connie

 love the stamp;
Hillary Long with skates on his head 
and hat on his feet  :)

from Cheryl in N.Y., N.Y
--a Happy Egg Day!--

I've been busy doing yard clean up.  Lots to do, especially after the hail storm last week.  Oh, and the fact that I really didn't clean up in the fall.  There was a time when I was all about gardening from sun up 'til sun down most of the year--with the exception of a few winter months.  Now, I'm really only much good in the spring.  The summer heat and humidity bother me, but part of the reason is that the soil in our previous home would grow anything. Here, too much clay, too many trees in a tiny yard, and then, of course, I'm lazier.

During the spring, my ambitions exceed my acknowledged lack of commitment.  I dream of the garden I used to have and give it another try, knowing that I'll be less inclined to work in the summer with temps that have been reaching into the 100's for months at a time for the last few years and the high humidity.

B.E. spent last Thursday night and Good Friday with us.  Saturday was the Memorial Service for my best friend's mother, and Easter Sunday included lunch with Chris, Amelia, and B.E.

Today, Suzie is coming over.  We'll have tabouli and wine and make something.  Hopefully, make something first, then the wine.  :0

I have letters to write and postcards to send, but I need some quiet time for that--maybe tonight I'll settle in to write.  

Hope everyone had a good Easter!


  1. Jen! What a lot of marvelous mail art! I had hoped never to reach the end. LoL. Beautiful mail incoming AND outgoing. Your post gives me my mail art fix for the day.

    1. It is still a kick to visit the mailbox and find a personal letter among all of the detritus of junk mail! Love the Holly Hobby envelope, Annie!

  2. I am waiting...for warmer days. Tomorrow the weatherman says..but the next word from his mouth was rain. My poor yard. Next week they say the temps won't climb out of the 40's. The mild winter spoiled me into thinking Spring would bring the same warmer than norm temps. I'm stitching and happy that I am but definitely have a lack of energy for much else. I need a day in the SUN!!
    xx, Carol

    1. One thing that zaps my energy is the darn pollen. Inside or out, the allergies at this time of year are particularly hard on my eyes.

      I'm wishing you some warm and sunny days, Carol! (With a low pollen count, of course.)

  3. Beautiful, creative art mail!! We have pollen here also at this time of the year. Its a mixed blessing, everything is blooming - lovely everything is blooming and we're all sneezing and our ears are ringing!

    1. Thanks, Penny! :) Yes, sneezing and watery eyes are drawbacks to the blooming spring!

  4. I suffer with allergies--sneezing, itchy watery eyes, and itchy dry skin--but what did I do yesterday when I was outside for a moment? I stuck my nose in an angel trumpet and sniffed! It's an old bulb that so reminds me of my grandmother, I can't seem to help myself. I'm still paying for sniffing that memory. Richard says it's my cocaine.

    Your mail art is awesome! I love your mail call, whether you're getting or sending mail! Of course every one is very creative, but my favorite is B.E. with the wolf mask holding the peat pot nose. She looks very natural and, considering all the art stuff you two are generally up to, she probably was just having fun with you. She is such a lucky girl!

    1. How funny, Mary--sometimes we just can't help ourselves!

      The mail art and reading continue to keep me occupied for now. Now dolls or sewing on the immediate horizon. :)

  5. What a wonderful clutch of mail. So many happy senders and receivers...

  6. I love all this I really do. It's such a pleasure to look at it all and how everyone seems to have loved participating.
    Reading the rest of the post - this:
    'part of the reason is that the soil in our previous home would grow anything. Here, too much clay, too many trees in a tiny yard, and then, of course, I'm lazier' - this could be me. I do love gardening and plants but I've just got less and less interested somehow. Like you I still dream of having the garden I once had but I just don't think I've got the 'humph' to continue. Our soil is also very clay based and the number of plants I have lost and replaced on a continuous basis over the years is ridiculous! I do used to love having a colourful border but not it's easy plants - hebes, grasses, heathers, shrubs, etc. Well, the other thing, having two terriers (now only one unfortunately) destroyed a lot of my more fragile plants because they like to forage so this sort of garden is not only low maintenance but good for my dog to explore.
    Lynn :D

    1. :) I had forgotten how much fun it is to receive letters! I even have a new challenge that I am considering.

      Garden soil makes all the difference! I've tried to alter the soil here, but with limited success. Low maintenance is always good!

  7. I have just loved seeing your mail art-it is so inspiring! I have some at Pinterest, but I have never tried any myself.
    I know for sure I could never endure the high heat and the DAMP :) down your way-but I'd love to visit!

    1. You should, Debra! It really is fun! Visit Louisiana in the spring or fall--try to avoid summer. :)


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