Monday, December 10, 2007


baby Bryce arrives. :) Amelia is sooooooo ready.

Finished the baby quilt last night and washed it because I love the wrinkled look. Used Orvus--no fragrance, very gentle, etc., so don't worry, Amelia.


I used an old memory card to take these pictures and found this doll that I made about 4 years ago. I made one for Mila and one for Ren's baby, so I don't know which one this is. They had really long arms and legs, and I made them from scraps of a dress for Mila.

I need to send the other baby quilt to Ren as she recently had another little girl, Chloe Elizabeth. I'm just waiting on the address as they've moved back to Louisiana.
O.K. , now I'm off on last minute errands, the Cottage, and I'll have to check my list for whatever else.


  1. Whew! You are a busy gal. I just got caught up with your first 10 days of December. What a sweet idea. I can tell that Fee is loving it.

    The baby quilt is perfect.

  2. The baby quilt is beautiful. So different and special.

    I have enjoyed so much sharing the season of advent with you this year.

  3. Now, that's a baby quilt! Wonderful fabric - colorful and playful.

  4. beautiful quilt. simple with beautiful fabric. always right.

  5. Great Quilt! Simplicity at it's finest.Choice of fabrics just makes it so special ! I love those dolls too - and I am generally not a doll person !

  6. Gerrie -- His birthday has always been so overlooked that he is delighted with celebrating everyday!

    Rian -- Thanks. I have enjoyed the advent more this year and find the quotes help keep me centered.

    Kim -- Thanks! Amelia said simple.

    jude- I couldn't decide and couldn't decide and then wasn't sure I could finish!

    Marie - It is simple, but I love the fabric. The dolls were a cross between clown and crone!

  7. was away for a few days so just caught the quotes and notes accompanying fee's gifts. today is the day! welcome to the world baby bryce - he will have sweet dreams with his beautiful quilt

  8. Lovely baby quilt! I love the simple composition.

  9. need to catch up on the past week of Fee's gifts etc. but wanted to leave my best wishes for a safe and happy mother & baby. And grandma, too, of course :) Have been thinking about your "lighting the flame" posting all week while I was offline and started posting some of my thoughts about creative influence now that I'm 'back'.

  10. A bit late--but also best wishes to mother and baby. I'[ll be checking back to see the news.


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