Monday, November 07, 2016

A New Week

New Project

 Quite a long time ago, I tried making paper with mixed results.  As I was about to trash some junk mail the other day, I thought about trying again.  I tore up a bunch of old envelopes and papers, let them soak, put 'em in the blender, and made paper pulp.

It was another mixed result but certainly suitable for collage--just tearing bits of pieces will add texture to collage work.

My papers were mostly plain, with some random bits of text, but before I quit, I remembered that there were plenty of finished pansy blooms and some begonia blooms just out the door.  So the last few pieces have some color to them.  I made a huge mess, the papers vary in thickness, and there is a lot to learn if I decide to try again.  

Not that it is difficult--it is really very easy, but I need to practice getting the right amount of pulp, not too thick and not too thin,  and a mold and deckle would produce even sheets and more even distribution of pulp.

Last Week's Mail


 I used one of my tea bag houses and a tabby cat for Miss Prim Paws Chandler

Junk mail recycled to Connie

 collage postcard to Cheryl


from Annie
from Jacque
and another one of Jacque's beautiful cards!

I love Julie Person's 

Just Curious often to you look back at your own pins on Pinterest?  

Pinning something I like comes easily, but unless I'm thinking about something specific, I rarely look back at my own pins.  I've thought about taking at least one pin a week from my own pins and trying a new technique.  Has not happened yet, there are some interesting Christmas ideas I might have to try.  


  1. Maybe having some 'lumpy bumpies' in your paper creation is a good thing -- texture, texture, texture *smile*. At least that would be my excuse *smile*!!

    1. I love texture! And I will use make use of almost any mistakes-- :) I enjoyed the process, even if it was a bit messy on my first attempt. For my purposes, the paper is fine, but I would like to try again some time. :)

  2. That was so funny-what you said about looking back at your old pins-I was thinking the exact same thing today!!!I made paper a few years ago-I do love the texture and I love using it in projects. Some of mine turned out ok, but most of it was a very weird gray color and thick-kinda like a flat egg carton. Not sure why!

    1. So I'm not alone in not taking time to review some of the things I've pinned!

      I read that using newspaper makes a grayer paper and construction paper can create cool colors. In fact, the messing around with colors and inclusions is what makes me want to experiment more.

  3. I imagine your homemade paper will be amazing in your artwork. That's one thing I've not ever had a desire to do but I love what others create for homemade papers. Always fun to see your mail pieces. I do look at my pins and quite often. I pin them for inspiration and that's exactly what I use them for.

    1. It will be fun trying to find uses for the paper. I'm going to try to look at my pins more often; I tend to only look back at particular boards when I'm remembering an idea or technique. Then I get distracted by all of the possibilities!

  4. Papermaking does sound interesting. But then I wouldn't get so much stitching done! Still, as an idea for adding texture, it's beginning to attract me anyway...

    1. It was an easy process, but even if the results were sketchy, I'm pretty satisfied. I want to learn more about it. :)


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