Sunday, July 17, 2016

Surprises and Delights

I watch the mail with anticipation,
and sometimes I get a real surprise:

from Limner
I had commented on her blog,
and then this showed up in the mail!

 I love the way she sewed the strips on this card!
Thank you, Limner, for an unexpected delight!


I'm trying to post more often after realizing
that I'd allowed a gap in posting 
from June 24 to July 13.

I'd like to share a couple of creative blogs
and artists that I love visiting.

I own one of Sandy's dolls, but the greedy child in me wants everything!  
Here is a trio of adorable bugs--

And I love Gerald Collas' work!

Both of these artists make me smile!

The National Geographic video about fireflies...
makes the word "awesome" appropriate!
(this is not the same one I posted on FB,
but just as gorgeous.)

I don't know which is more beautiful in this time-lapse video,
the fireflies or the stars.


  1. Hi Jenclair!!I hadn't been posting regularly either and I have come back to it lately! I miss blogging! Glad to see you posting again too! :)

    1. :) We all go through cycles, don't we? I was happy to see that have been sharing again!

  2. I think the fireflies and stars contribute to something quite astonishing, don't they!

    1. Because of all the light pollution, encroachment on their habitats, and pesticides, the firefly population is in decline. I miss them!

  3. I love Sandy's work!! You're lucky to have one. We had fireflies this summer but I don't think there were as many as there have been in past years. I love seeing them flickering over the lawn.

    1. Sandy's dolls are so oddly lovable! Or lovably odd. :) I guess the streetlights keep fireflies from putting our neighborhood on their list.

  4. Aw, gee, golly me! I really really wish I'd sewn those strips. Truth is, the Singer hasn't been out of the closet in years. But I'm glad you like the card. :) Thank you.

    Gerald's sculpture speaks to the child in me. I secretly enjoy playing the game Machinarium for obvious reasons. :) I'm partial to fireflies. We haven't seen them for years. I say, "Light up the world. Release the fireflies!"

    1. :) OK, then I'm going to be copying that idea or some variation thereof! The sculptures do appeal to the child-like portion of ourselves! Collas' sculptures are so imaginative and clever.


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