Thursday, June 16, 2016


I was going to schedule this for Saturday, but...I'm posting it today instead.

Still playing with tea bags; experimenting with different techniques.  Different tea bags have different colorations and different folding methods.  Some are easy to open without tearing; some are not.  It doesn't make much difference as I don't mind the tears or ragged appearance of those that are more stubborn.

I'm almost through with the tea bags I'd been storing up.  The trip last week caused a quicker depletion than I expected since I wasn't drinking tea and saving the bags.  Should have started saving them earlier.  :)

Mail Art

from Jacque H.

 See what she included?
Beautiful lacy fabric, delightful items for decorating envelopes,
and cheerful stamps!

A vintage postcard from Naomi

A gorgeous shot of the lights 
along the Singapore River
from Melody.


To Jacque

 To Mila, and that is a pic of her on the tea bag.

To Max
 and another mini-collage on the back,a la Jackie Long

To StripyGoose,
a thank you for the pink-crested cello bird.

To Melody 

To Naomi

Some blogs that I've been enjoying, but haven't posted about:

Another 365 Days Around the Sun-- Cheryl marks her steps around New York City with photos.  This is a very personal NYC that brings it down to earth and makes it distinctive in a intimate way:  playgrounds, signs, trees in their spring glory, sidewalk art.  A New York in microcosm, making it feel familiar and unintimidating, another human space.  

Alisa Burke: Redefine Creativity-- This is my imaginary home.  My imaginary life.  Full of color and art and family.  Just reading her posts cheers up my day.  



  1. What a wonderful riot of glorious colour!

    1. I'm going to have to put the tea bags aside for awhile and make some more postcards and envelopes! Oh, darn! My life is just full of drudgery. ;p

  2. Your postcards are so good. I love them.
    Lynn :D

    1. I want to work in an art journal, but it is more fun to to send stuff out. Everything is an experiment, and I never know what to expect--which, of course, is just the way I like it!

  3. Jen! This is a great bunch of inspirational mail art! There is something special in each piece for each recipient including you. I love that. I keep going back and forth examining each one and seeing something new each time. A great many happy mail days are in this batch. Love your sharing!

    1. Thanks, Annie! My mailbox is a happy place these days. I love checking it each day to see if a new surprise is waiting for me. :) My work space, however, is a mess of paint and collage material and gesso and pastes and lists of things to try!

  4. You are having such fun with your mail art! I love the cat poem to Max. It reminds me of T.S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. I saw a version that had drawings and unusual fonts and loved the artistic style. Of course, it was an out of print library book and no longer available.

    1. The cat poem was from T.S. Eliot, of course! I love all the Practical Cats. The drawing on this postcard was supposed to be Edgrrr, the lead in our Triad of Bad Cats. Unfortunately, although it resembles a cat, it doesn't look anything like Edgrrr!

  5. I can't even remember now how I stumble upon your site but I'm absolutely thrilled that I did. I can't get enough of your mail art! Please keep posting your incredible work/play.

    1. Thanks, Gail! Here's a funny thing about writing the letters--I think about all kinds of things, that I don't always notice. Sometimes, it is in response to what someone wrote to me, sometimes, I just take time to focus my thoughts. Usually, I'm so busy hopping from one thing to another, one experiment to another, that things escape my attention, but when I sit down to answer a letter thinking I have nothing to say, I surprise myself.

  6. It's the decorating of envelopes and postcards I find so fascinating. Amazing artwork...some whimsical, some outright drop-dead gorgeous.
    Now I can't wait to open your site/blog, hoping you've posted again.
    No pressure...ha-ha-ha.


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