Tuesday, June 02, 2015

This and That

A break from the rain!  We are having some sunny days and appreciating them greatly.  The following video was taken several days ago.  The Red River is expected to crest this coming Saturday.

My fidget quilts have gone to an Alzheimer's/Dementia unit 
right next to our subdivision  and to Holy Angels--
well, to Amelia, who will deliver them to Holy Angels.  
I'm working on one more right now, 
but it may be the last for a while.

This fellow has been helping relieve my generalized anxiety 
(which seems to fluctuate with drops in the barometric pressure),
 for several weeks now.
 I have been picking him up
and filling him with stitches
 as a form of meditation.
The process is random and organic:
I pick a color, find an empty spot, and stitch.
Think he's done now.

My scrap basket from my last few fidget quilts
was overflowing.
Looking at it one day last week
led me to another digression.
That old crafting ADD syndrome.

I started piecing some very tiny scraps,
 then larger ones,
then began adding them together.

Kind of tedious, but I like playing with scraps
when I can't think of anything else that appeals to me.
It is another displacement activity
that keeps me occupied when I'm unfocused.

Now, I'm thinking about how to use all of the twigs 
I've been trimming/gathering from the yard. 

Two projects in progress right now  
(stick figures--a Deer Diva and a Twiggy Nymph),
but I want to explore other possibilities. 

 :) At least once a year, I get hung up on twigs and branches.


Good to hear from you!