Tuesday, September 10, 2013


September is no longer fall for us;
we've had one September day at 103, 
when you add the high humidity,
of course, it feels even worse. 

 As a result, my gardening efforts have almost disappeared; 
too hot even early in the morning to work for any length of time.  

I have done a little art/crafty stuff.

  Worked with some clay and revived an interest in weaving. 

 The branch weavings from early in the summer
were fun and required little thought, 
just kind of an impromptu approach.  


Then I saw a pic of a driftwood tapestry on a piece of slate
 by Crafttekky that I loved.  
 Click on the link to see some of her work.

I didn't have any slate,
so I chose a river rock.
Instead of driftwood,
I used a branch.

If I locate slate and driftwood,
I will do another.
This would make a nice paperweight,
but mostly, it was just fun.


  1. The little weavings are really fantastic! Sorry your weather has been so abysmal -- it's been HOT here for us, as well, for the better part of a month...80s for coastal northern CA, a rarity before this year.

  2. So hot here too! Lots of days around 100+.
    Love the weavings, all of them :) Thanks for the link to her work.

  3. Connie -- Thanks, I'm having fun with the weaving. I miss having an autumn season, but maybe that is what we used to call winter!

    Nancy -- Funny when 90 degrees indicates a cool spell! I really like the look of the slate and driftwood on Craftekky's piece; glad you took a look!

  4. Oh, I love these branch weaving idea. The kids'weaving on burlap idea is good too. I did it some time ago.
    It's getting colder here. We'll soon have to put the central heating on.

  5. I envy your seasons, Francois. We appear to be losing ours; well, except for summer.

    The weavings are fun, but now my floor is covered with yarn!

  6. Beautiful post--such lovely colors in the weavings set against the natural colors of sticks and rocks. I find the stick weavings intriguing, but wood bugs would eat through them in short time in my climate. On the other hand, fiber and rock seems solid to me! And I have a thing going with rocks, as well, Roman rocks especially.
    best, nadia

  7. Multicoloredpieces- Sorry it has taken me so long to respond! Thanks for visiting, and the fiber and rocks make great paperweights without fear of meddlesome bugs in twigs. :)


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