Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Still mostly reading and reviewing for my book blog.  I've had great fun with the medieval mysteries I've been reading, and I've also been lucky in some of my reads for Carl's Once Upon a Time Challenge.  It is difficult to keep up with the reviews, and I have quite a few scheduled, but even more to write.

I've also discovered a new author for contemporary mysteries:  Stephen Booth.  I've enjoyed the first two books in his Cooper and Fry series.  Has anyone read any of his mysteries?

Still not doing much in the studio, although some evenings I've played with embroidery and snippet rolls.  These are quick and easy!

This blue one is 22" long.

I've done a couple more of these, but the pictures haven't turned out too well, so maybe I'll try again with the other two rolls.

What to do with them?  Not that it matters much to me (I just like to try things), but these little snippet "ribbons" have been rolled up on old spools, used in gift wrapping, and used as closures for fabric journals.  Even if I don't come up with a use for them, I like the way they look hanging on the wall in my studio, and they are fun and easy to make.  :)


  1. I can see some really groovy cuffs out of these rolls :-) Trying hard to resist reading your reviews of the mysteries. I have no will power and, as you know, stacks, actual and figurative, to the ceiling...

  2. I love those rolls, what a great idea for tiny scraps!

  3. Now I know what to do with all theses tiny scraps I just can't throw away.
    I should remember to check your book blog from time to time!
    Have a great day.

  4. DebbyMc- Oh, yes, cuffs! Great idea, Debby. Obviously, I have no will power concerning reading and books, either!

    Connie Rose - :) After using scraps to make the hearts, I had all these teeny, tiny scraps left, and so...snippet rolls!

    Francoise - this is a great way to use the tiniest morsel of a scrap. My book blog has been getting more use than this one, lately, but I'm feeling the urge to actually make something again.

  5. I have so many empty vintage thread spools saved up for SO long just to make snippet rolls. You have been making a lot of the things my heart has always wanted to make. Thanking you, as always, for inspiration as well as reminders to self!

  6. Michele - :) After using larger scraps for various projects, the leftovers are too small for much else. They are fun and colorful and make you feel like you've used every last drop!

    Judy - Oh, yes!

  7. I really like the snippet strips and can easily see one holding one of my journals shut!

  8. Teresa - It is fun gathering little embellishments to include on them--vintage buttons, bits of lace, tags, etc. Paper, fabric, plastic, metal...almost anything can be included. Gather up a few things you'd like to include, and I'll make you one and add some of my doodads!


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