Friday, December 14, 2012


Before beginning the prims, etc.,
I skimmed through 
dozens and dozens of ideas for making 
prim Santas, sheep, and mice.  
Then grunged up some muslin,
made several patterns 
(3 slightly different patterns for mice),  
and set to work.

Here are some links for prim inspiration:

prim mice
(ha, I see mine are now listed) 

The little Santa is the first of my prim Santas,
but I want to do a larger version.
Wish I had some red wool,
but will check my stash 
for a second-best alternative.
Finished this glittered snowman
and the prim sheep in the background.
The snowman is in a wooden egg cup
from Michaels, a la Joanna Parker.

In progress, a Santa in the style of the
three Halloween witches.

My sil had a cookie exchange,
(which I totally screwed up
by misreading the instructions).
Barbara is holding Wee Jack,
but I got to hold him for a long time, too.

Everyone made gingerbread houses.
Allison's was one of my favorites.
Cute, huh?


  1. An egg cup snowman ACE!!
    And Santa wears dog tooth on his days off anyway......hes ace too....and what a cute baby!!

  2. Nice Santas. And the lirtle snowman looks great too.
    Thanks for all these links.

  3. Darling Santa...and Wee Jack is looking not so 'Wee' anymore!! :)

  4. Liniecat - :) thought you might think this snowman more comfortable!

    Francoise - Thanks, Francoise!

    Nancy - I know! Wee Jack is becoming quite the little man!

  5. Love your Santa. He is awesome! And the gingerbread fun!


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