Sunday, November 11, 2012


While in Eureka Springs 
I saw some witches that I liked,
 and they served as inspiration 
for these witchy ladies.

There are three of them
-small, medium, and large-
based on the piece of muslin I used.
(I use lots of muslin, so have
left-over pieces of various sizes.)
The faces of the ones I saw had faces
painted on the fabric,
but I added clay faces instead.
They were also hanging, 
and I rounded mine out so they could
stand alone.

Decided to mount one small witch
on a rusted caster and 
gave her a broom to go with her "wheel."

These skellies 
are Halloween left-overs in progress.  
I saw the cutest versions of these on two blogs
and saved the links in a draft,
but lost the draft.

Haven't worked on them for a while,
but they are definitely works in progress.

After losing the links, I thought 
it would be easy
to Google plastic skeletons and find them, but
I almost gave up before locating both blogs!

And Bryce Eleanor has perfected the "if this, then this" concept.
I say, " If we don't clean this up
we won't get to play with it again."

She now says, 
"If you won't play haunted castle with me,
I won't be your best friend anymore."

Last note:
I made a 
Fantastic Blog Find!

Steve McCurry's Blog - what lovely, thoughtful and thought-provoking photos.  
The only words are the post titles and the location of the photos 
(from all over the world), 
and an occasional quote.  
A feast for the eyes and the spirit.


  1. Really great stuff here. Love the witch on the caster! E. had figured that stuff out, too. I'll say, I will come and do x, but first you need to clean your room. She'll say, I'll clean my room after you do X. :-)

  2. Love your witches, esp. like the one who can do wheelies and fly both.

  3. Stephie - Thanks! I had 3 rusty casters, so there will be at some point at least one more doll will have a wheel(s). Aren't kids to quick to pick up anything that will work in their favor? :)

    Teresa - She belongs to Brooms & Bikers, a rather exclusive club!

  4. Love the caster on there!
    BE ~ must be at the perfect 'you're not my friend' age!! Made me laugh. I once had one identical twin brother get mad at the other and threaten: "Then you're not coming to MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!" Um, you are identical twins, living in the same house...I think he'll be there! Haha the magic of 4&5 year olds!

  5. BE is just so cute. I love that age and innocence.

    I've visited the photo blog and do like it. I've bookmarked it to go back and really relish the photos. I also have to send a link to my sister and a niece who both are photographers. Imagine being able to enjoy these and have "the eye" that a real photographer has.

  6. Nancy - Kids are so funny, but the twin who told his brother that he couldn't come to his birthday takes the cake (so to speak)! Love that one!

    Mary - BE is a mess, but an entertaining one.

    Aren't Stephen McCurry's photos marvelous? I'd use them in creative writing classes if I were still teaching because the photos have such depth, so many layers of possible approaches. Hope your sister and niece enjoy them, too.


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