Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Etsy Shopping, Anyone?

I love these stuffies from 
The Wind and the Sail's Etsy shop!  
They have the nicest aura! 
Eleanor Rhino

 Really, don't they?
They speak of love and comfort 
and caring and trust and
 hours of cuddly pleasure!

They would make great gifts,
but, honestly, I would like one 
for myself-- Andrew Hippo, Elsie Elephant,
Gabby Giraffe, or Eleanor Rhino--
difficult decision.

Laura also has a blog you can visit.
--- From Mamacita Beadworks:
Hand Cast Pewter Seaside Charm- Long
And she makes unique buttons!
Sometimes a button
 is just a perfect touch to a project.
And aren't these the sweetest mittens around?
From Bacujlucka.
What little person wouldn't 
love these little hedgehogs?

Made to Order Hand Knit Brown Hedgehog Mittens Gloves Children Warm

And from Alla Bears, these wonderful,
collectible (not for play), bears
that have personality plus!
By Alla Bears original 10" artist OOAK Vintage Old Prim Puppy Dog art toy doll

Fee put up our tree,
and guess what?
The Evil Triad strikes again,
although Stinker is so small that
she is the only one who climbed the tree.

Who knows if we will be able
to have ornaments this year?


  1. Who needs ornaments? Although I'd have to hang a bell and ring it every time I passed by, just to play with them...okay, maybe the right word is tease.

    I like your Etsy finds. I may have to get off Pinterest long enough to do some Etsy shopping. Have a great week!

  2. Great picture of the tree! It looks like you're going to have fun.
    I love Laura's stuffed animals. I have to visit her blog now!

  3. Fun stuff, naughty kitty! However, I wonder how much you can get done with hedgehogs on your hands!

  4. Mary - I've been on Pinterest too much lately myself!

    Now the Triad is trying to take the sequins off the tree skirt. Cats!

    Francoise - Aren't Laura's stuffies fun? So cheerful and whimsical!

    Nancy - :) It WOULD be difficult to stop holding your hedgehog hands in front of you and admiring them!

  5. You find the greatest stuff on Etsy! I love that bear!

  6. Stephie - Have to admit that this shop is where I do a lot of drooling. The bear is one of my favorites!


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